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Party Line Tent Rentals


Karin and Kenny Puff, owners

Party Line Tent Rentals, which has been in operation since 1990, is a sister company of Westchester Tool Rentals, which was founded in 1983. If that sounds incongruous, it isn’t: According to owners Karin and Kenny Puff, the tool-rental business diversified into the party-rental biz, and there’s plenty of synergy. The result is that Party Line is much more than just tents: It supplies generators, air-conditioners, cooking equipment, china-top tables, and chairs, as well. Party Line’s roots, according to Kenny Puff, “give us a unique advantage over other party-rental companies that are not comfortable with mechanical equipment.”

Diversification has been key to the company’s success. Party Line’s focus has grown from backyard events to private and corporate black-tie affairs, and has expanded to encompass nonprofits, educational venues, and the movie industry.

The events-planning business has also been affected, surprisingly, by the tectonic changes of our Internet age, something Puff refers to as the “Amazon factor: point, click, ship! Lead time for event planning,” he continues, “has dropped from years to, in some cases, days.”

Though there is a huge amount of effort that goes into event planning, Puff says Party Line’s job is, in essence, to disappear. Anyone who attends one of their events should never know of the company’s behind-the-scenes machinations. The idea is simply for you to have a good time.


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