Cirque du Soleil Alum Jamie Adkins Brings the Circus to Performing Arts Center

You won’t find any clown mania here, and no sideshow either. Cool tricks and acrobatics dominate Adkins’ one-man show, which is full of so much action you’ll be wondering how he does it all by himself.

Circuses these days can be swept up in more: more rings, more performers, more acts going on simultaneously. Jamie Adkins proves that more isn’t always better under the big top. His circus has juggling, acrobatics, balancing acts, jokes, and more—and he’s the only performer in it. Of course, Adkins can pull it off, being an alum of Cirque du Soleil’s Cirque Éloize, where he was a featured soloist. Still, even knowing his acrobatic background, his show will still have you wondering how one person can cause so much well orchestrated mayhem. You can see him at the Performing Arts Center on March 3.