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Watch: Jerry Seinfeld And Steve Martin Meet Up In Pleasantville


Comedian Jerry Seinfeld was spotted with fellow comedian Steve Martin in Pleasantville earlier this year,and now you can catch the episode of Seinfeld’s show,Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,they were filming there online.

The two comedians crossed from Rockland to Westchester County over the Tappan Zee Bridge, while cracking jokes about its construction.

Their car broke down on the Saw Mill River Parkway before arriving in Pleasantville. “She’s thinking, you know, I’m sure that’s not Steve Martin and Jerry Seinfeld, but the resemblance is unbelievable,” Seinfeld said, as cars slowed down to check out what was happening on the side of the road.

“This town is very pleasant,” Martin said, as the two walked through Pleasantville (they caught another ride into town), eventually stopping at the Pleasantville Diner.

“Yes, it’s kind of a pleasant ville,” Seinfeld responded.

At the diner, the pair ordered lunch, an egg salad sandwich for Martin and a mozzarella omelette for Seinfeld. Martin discussed his former stand-up career and explained how he came to end it. “There’s no way to live on in that persona,” Martin said. “I had to take that fabulous luck and not be remembered as that, exclusively.”

The two finished lunch, Martin saying he would love to come back to the diner, just as long as he’s not with Seinfeld.

Check out the episode here, and for more episodes go here.