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The Mighty Mouse-New Rochelle Connection


If the phrase “CBS presents this program in color” rings any bells, you most likely don’t enjoy revealing your age. The good news is you probably also recall the super-strengthened caped crusader Mighty Mouse and his battles with feline fiends that followed shortly after.

Feeling nostalgic yet? Just wait until New Rochelle’s 53rd Annual Thanksgiving Parade this Saturday, which will include a giant Mighty Mouse balloon to lead off the festivities, as well as former Mighty Mouse animator and New Rochelle resident Doug Crane.

The significance of Mighty Mouse to New Rochelle goes much deeper than Crane’s residence there. Terrytoons Studio, where Mighty Mouse was created, operated out of the “K” Building in downtown New Rochelle. In 1950, the studio relocated to 38 Center Ave.

Crane, now 81, was involved in the New Rochelle parade in 1982 when he helped design a Terrytoon-inspired float for the 40th anniversary of Mighty Mouse. The Terrytoon float will be revamped again this year, with Crane riding in celebration of his contributions to the iconic cartoon.

The parade is set to begin tomorrow at 10 a.m., running along North Avenue and Main Street until Maple Ave.

But, before you go here’s another bit of New Rochelle-related cartoon fun: Crane knew Joe Barbera of Hanna-Barbera Productions through Terrytoons Studio. Before being hired there, Barbera worked at a local New Rochelle bank, which Crane recalls, “When Joe Barbera found out how much more animators make when he was cashing their checks, he left the bank and went to work at Terrytoons as well.”