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Local Psych Band On the Rise With 'Cloud Neon'


The Hartsdale-based psychedelic rock band Indigo King will be taking the stage at Manhattan’s Arlene’s Grocery on March 10 to celebrate the release of their debut album Cloud Neon. This marks the first major release of the band that first drew ears last June, when they claimed victory at the Pleasantville Battle of the Bands and earned a slot on the main stage of the Pleasantville Music Festival, opening for the celebrated rock group Guster.

Since, the band has released a single, Metaphor, which characterizes their late-‘60s, indie-tinged psych melodies. A music video for the song has also recently hit YouTube, as their popularity has steadily risen.

Consisting of Danny Annibale, Faiz Lone, Liam Houghtaling, and Josh Braunstein, the band originally met growing up in Westchester and as students at Ossining High School. They recently relocated to Hartsdale, where they moved in together to focus on their work. Songs by the band can often be heard on 107.1 The Peak, or at various venues throughout the region. 

On March 10, music lovers are invited to see the band in the flesh at Arlene’s Grocery in New York City, where they will be celebrating the release of Cloud Neon with a concert. It’s high time to head down to the Big Apple and see why this band is set to hit it big.

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