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Quantum of Solace: Two-Disc Special Edition
DVD Release Date: March 24, MGM Home Entertainment
Daniel Craig’s Bond, with his darker, brooding makeover, goes out for his second outing of charming the ladies and fighting the bad guys in the inscrutably titled Quantum of Solace. The two-disc special-edition DVD breaks down how some of the more spectacular stunts—remember that boat chase?—were captured and includes the video for Jack White and Alicia Keys’s excellent “Another Way to Die” Bond theme.

Rachel Getting Married
DVD Release Date: March 10, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Though the film takes place in Connecticut, it certainly feels like a local production, with Nyack’s Jonathan Demme at the helm and Westchester resident Debra Winger taking on the role of Rachel’s distant mother. Yet it’s a non-local, Anne Hathaway, who steals the spotlight with her portrayal of a short-tempered former drug addict who checks out of rehab to attend her sister’s wedding.

Let the Right One In
DVD Release Date: March 10, Magnolia Home Entertainment
Sure, vampires are all the rage right now, with True Blood, Underworld, and Twilight (which also comes out on DVD this month, if you have a Twihard at home that you want to make happy). But don’t let those flashy Hollywood vampires make you overlook this critically acclaimed Swedish bloodsucking picture. In it, a lonely boy named Oskar befriends a vampire named Eli, and the two outsiders help each other cope with their pre-teen troubles.

Andy Richter Controls the Universe: The Complete Series
DVD Release Date: March 24, Paramount Home Entertainment
Here’s definite proof that workplace comedies were hilarious even before Michael Scott got into the Dunder Mifflin paper business. Andy Richter—best known for his years spent as first mate on Late Night with Conan O’Brien—also endured a team of offbeat co-workers. This DVD set includes every installment of the underappreciated series. Sure, it only lasted 26 episodes—but that means it’s easier to catch up on than The Wire.

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