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A Look Behind The Scenes: Our Spring Fashion Photo Shoot


Hey, my name is Mike Rofrano, art intern here at Westchester Magazine. I’m going to give you a little peek behind the scenes of our Spring Fashion photo shoot. The shoot took place at the Westchester Children’s Museum in Rye, lasting from 9 am all the way until 10 pm. I happened to arrive on the scene at around 3 pm…



Photograph By Mike Rofrano


2:57 pm: Reviewing the practice shots from one of the day’s many setups. 



Photograph By Tykischa Jacobs


3:15 pm: Hair stylist Omar Roth and his assistant Will, of Salon O, clowning around for the camera while getting Anzhela’s hair ready for the next scene. 



Photograph By Tykischa Jacobs 


3:35 pm: Laura Melissa, of Salon O, putting the final touches on Anzhela’s makeup. 



Photograph By Tykischa jacobs


4 pm: On the boardwalk runway with models Rob & Anzhela looking marvelous. 



Photograph by Mike Rofrano


4:06 pm: Photographer Toshi Tasaki composing his shot.



Photograph By Mike Rofrano 


4:27 pm: Will making some final adjustments to Anzhela’s hair to get her “picture perfect!”



Photograph by Mike Rofrano


4:30 pm: Huge shout out to the man passing by who allowed us to use his dog in the shoot! Sometimes even dogs have to “Shake it off” to get ready for the camera.



Photograph by Mike Rofrano


5 pm: Toshi Tasaki and his assistant reviewing shots.  



Photograph By Tykischa Jacobs


5:56 pm: Last minute touches have to look “Fabuloussss!” 



Photograph by Mike Rofrano


6:03 pm: Toshi Tasaki getting back to doing what he does best.



Photograph By Mike Rofrano


7:03 pm: Omar getting Anzhela ready for the second to last set of shots. 



Photograph by Tykischa Jacobs


A shot taken between shots, by yours truly. 

Photograph By Mike Rofrano


7:24 pm: Laura getting Rob’s makeup ready for the final set of shots. Yes, even us guys need a little touch up sometimes.



Photograph by Mike Rofrano


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