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By the Appliance Dude, Curtos.com

Westchester’s grilling season has arrived! Which of this year’s top grills best meets your needs, wants, and desires?

No longer are the choices limited to a simple charcoal bbq and lighting a bag of Kingsford charcoal on the Fourth of July. Grilling and outdoor living has evolved into a new lifestyle. Grilling is also being recognized as a healthier way of cooking. As the industry continues to evolve, The Appliance Dude at Curto’s Appliances regularly assesses new product models to determine the wisest choices for consumers. After our latest review, here are our picks for 2016’s Top 8 Grills.


Best Complete Outdoor Cooking System

Alfresco ALXE Series $3,999 and up

Whether you are getting a 36,” 42,” or 56,” the grill almost becomes secondary when you see Alfresco’s comprehensive offerings. Want to steam cook? Stir fry? Smoke? Rotisserie? Sear? Smoke-tiss? Fry? Alfresco has it all covered and now with their new solid fuel insert, you can cook over a wood or lump charcoal fire, as well.


Best Bling Grill

Lynx Professional Grills $2,899 and up

For years, the Lynx brand has been synonymous with premium gas grills. With their celebrity endorsements, Lynx has set the standard for outdoor luxury lifestyle. And they haven’t rested on their laurels. Recent innovations include a smart grill, an all-sear infrared grill, as well as a pizza oven. With almost as many accessories as Alfresco, Lynx also provides a comprehensive solution for an outdoor kitchen.


Best “Muscle” Grill

Fire Magic Echelon Series $5,000 and up

If you’re looking for power, than look no further. Fire Magic grills offer the most BTU’s per square inch with control to cook up to 1,000 degrees and down to 200 degrees, allowing you to do everything from searing a steak to baking a cake. Foregoing the ceramic briquette system offered by most other premium grills (Twin Eagles, Viking, Lynx and Alfresco), Fire Magic uses a stainless steel Flavor Grids that will suppress flare-ups. And with 75 years of grill-building experience behind them, this American-made product is truly at the head of the class when it comes to features, innovation, and construction quality.



Best Bang for the Buck

Blaze Grills Starting at $1,199

Blaze is a relative newcomer to the grill world, but has made a rapid impression, marrying the best qualities of various moderately priced grills and integrating them all into one piece. With 304-grade stainless steel, optional IR sear-burners and rotisseries, and a cart that’s arguably better made than some premium grills, Blaze delivers the goods. Only one gripe: the Blaze Pro upgraded model is only available in a 34-inch version. But when a brand offers you the ability to create a solid outdoor kitchen for as little as $3,000, who’s complaining?


Best Charcoal / Ceramic Grilll

Kamado Joe $1,099-$1,699

In just a few short years, Kamado Joe has leapfrogged ahead of its competition in the ceramic grill market. With a firm focus on innovation and product quality, Kamado Joe now offers a rotisserie system, a robust hinge that allows for easy opening and closing of the lid, and a patented ash removal system that makes cleanup a cinch. Oh, and it’s also priced lower than its main competitor.


Most Innovative Grill

Memphis Wood-Fired Grill $3,899 and up

To call the Memphis Wood-Fired Grill a grill is doing it a disservice. How about a smoker? An oven? A grill? The Memphis wears all of these hats and does so incredibly well. Boasting dual convection fans (like a Wolf oven!), double-walled 304-grade stainless that retains moisture and keeps the grill cool to touch and it’s proprietary Intelligent Temperature Control, which allows you to input a temperature you wish to cook at (like an oven), this truly is the Tesla of pellet smokers. And the beauty of its Intelligent Temperature Control allows you to program a temperature and then let the grill do its job (“Set it and forget it”). The new 2016 models will ship with Wi-Fi access so you can monitor your cooking times remotely.  


Best Old-School Grill for the Money

Weber Kettle $149

The original. The iconic. THE Charcoal Grill. In a world of Kamados, smokers and premium gas grills, Weber’s simple Kettle grill still does the job and does it amazingly well…for a great price!


Most Anticipated Grill 

The Hestan $3,999-$9,999

You know the grill means business when it starts with “The.” “The Hestan” is the brainchild of a team of California-based engineers who have sowed their oats in the world of commercial cooking. Their mission: to make Hestan THE NAME when it comes to premium outdoor cooking. The Hestan offers stadium lighting, an infrared burner positioned above the rotisserie so it can also act as a broiler, laser-cut stainless grates made of insanely thick stainless, 12 color choices and made from a grade of stainless steel that can hold up against the brutality of saltwater (waterfront homeowners take notice!).


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