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As creating a more visually appealing space is increasingly a focal point for more home dwellers, shelving has become a key design element for display and storage. Often we overlook this detail and bury our shelves under piles of items instead of taking the time to properly curate them. Here’s how you can create an artful arrangement and obtain the perfect #shelfie.



GET ORGANIZED. Think of each shelf as a vignette reflective of your life and style that is always photo ready. To make the most of your cabinetry, sort through your belongings and see what can be displayed on open shelving and which items you would rather keep tucked away.



MIX AND MATCH. Diversifying the items on each shelf brings life to your cabinetry. Prized book collections interspersed with your favorite objets d’art give a more well-rounded glimpse of your interests than books alone. Keep key items in mind to be the focal points of your shelves and curate around them.



LITTLE READERS. When planning shelving in a child’s room, remember to keep things you would like them to access regularly in easy reach to avoid hazardous climbing. Design their bookcase like a librarian. Prop books up with covers facing outward so your little ones can easily find their favorite bedtime stories.



REFLECTIVE. Glass shelving elevates your cabinet from a storage unit to a museum-quality display piece for priceless mementos. An eclectic mix of sports memorabilia, travel souvenirs, and vintage bottles provide an artful arrangement that tells the story of your journeys past.



A COLOR STORY. Surround yourself with your favorite colors to elevate your mood. Group together all your keepsakes with these hues and choose a shelf to showcase them on that will make you smile whenever it catches your eye.


As the name hints, transFORM excels at taking the banal and turning it into something special and unique, seamlessly integrating custom built-ins with the homeowners decor and lifestyle. These products include closets, dressing rooms, wall beds, home offices, libraries, wall units, pantries, media centers, mudrooms, utility rooms, laundry rooms and more. The unique thing about transFORM is that they design, engineer and manufacture in one central location. They also have their own team of professional installers. And while the the products are crafted locally, transFORM sources some of the most luxurious materials from throughout the world. To schedule a free in-home consultation visit transformhome.com or call/text (914) 500-1000.


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