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Located in the northeast part of the county, Somers spans large areas of open land, including Muscoot and Stuart’s Farms, along with Lasdon Park and Arboretum.

Putnam County lies north of Somers, and neighboring towns include Yorktown, Bedford, and North Salem. Somers is also home to the historic Elephant Hotel, which was built by Hachaliah Bailey, who is known for acquiring the second elephant brought to America and contributing to the rise of traveling circus performers in America. The town isn’t only known for its historic and rural attributes, however: two corporate giants, IBM and PepsiCo, both have offices in Somers. Residents can access I-684 through Route 35, which crosses through the town. And on summer nights, you can usually spot a long line of eager customers at King Kone, a food stand that serves some of the best soft-serve ice cream in the area.