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Want to partner with the Best in Westchester?
Westchester Magazine events are expertly produced, professional run, and well attended. Our readers-more than 300,000 in and around the county-expect nothing but the best from us. And we deliver. Our events promote our magazines, support socially worthy organizations, and help keep the county’s residents connected to the community we call home. Want a sneak peek at our parties? Check out the Photorazzi pages for each Signature Event.
Every year, Westchester Magazine Signature Events bring together business colleagues, friends, neighbors, and the county’s movers and shakers to share in experiences that celebrate our community. Whether the event is public or private, guests are invited to deluxe locales and feted with fabulous food and creative cocktails.


Westchester Magazine Signature Events are different! While sponsors have the opportunity to connect with our region’s various and varied communities, they also enrich the non-profit community that contributes so much to so many. Through the magazine’s events, our sponsors help raise much needed funds for local non-profit organizations.

Events can be an integral part of a strong, agressive marketing plan. They allow forward-thinking businesses the opportunity to initiate and grow personal relationships among specific, targeted demographic groups. Please contact the Marketing Department to explore how your business can best reach the audience Westchester Magazine has developed.

 Want to learn more about Westchester Magazine’s Signature Events?

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