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When you’re working a full-time job, finding a moment to enjoy the seasons warm breezes and sandy beaches can be a challenge. With that said, our experts have decided to share their Secrets to Surviving a 9-to-5 Schedule in the Summer


1. Rework Your Workspace – A custom designed office, provides a sense of calm control over your daily tasks while improving your work habits. Try configuring your desk and filing system in a way that best suits your unique working style. If you’re tight on space, consider a floating desk, anchored by a trendy rug with comfy chairs on each side.


2. Try A New Color Palette – Certain shades have the ability to improve your life and the lives of those around you. Unlock your physical, spiritual and emotional potential by integrating sparkling whites, soft pinks and sedated grays. Green, which resembles nature, can also work wonders in the office. This color combination radiates an alluring, comforting vibe and can remind us of being outside on a warm summer day. 



3. Let Your Personality Shine – Just because you have a desk job doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the seasons sunny vibes. There are plenty of small ways to give your workspace some life. In addition to upbeat artwork and inspiring decor,  try incorporating a handful of fluorescent highlighters and uniquely shaped post-its. You can even display some uplifting quotes and photographs to keep you going all day long.


4. Light It Up – Did you know that LED lights are engineered to resemble the morning sun and help with concentration?Custom task lighting will not only enhance the look of your space but will provide you with greater visibility while you work. Cool colored lights offer a clean, bright shine that’s highly energy-efficient and much easier on the eyes.



5. Crank The Playlist – Music doesn’t just make us want to dance – it improves our productivity. With all the new apps and streaming services, you can easily find a fist-pumping playlist to put you in a good mood. If you work in an open environment, headphones can help block out distracting noise and keep you focused throughout the day.


6. Carve Out Time For Yourself – First and foremost, make sure you take a break during your work day. Whether it be a full lunch, quick coffee run or just a few minutes in the fresh air, it’s essential to move from your desk and destress. Continue this mentality by scheduling something exciting in the evening hours. For example, if you’re into exercise, find a weekly spin class. Or if you love reading, join a book club. Or you can even save one night a week for dinner and drinks with friends. 



7. Take Advantage Of Your Time Off – While lying in bed and binge watching Netflix sound delicious, we recommend that you make the most of your weekend by getting outside and having some fun. Head to the beach or local pool. Hit up an amusement park or outdoor sporting event. Plan a bbq or a picnic in the park. Not only will you make memories but you’ll have some good stories to tell once you’re back at the office on Monday morning!


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