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Accommodations Make Venue Fun for Kids with Special Needs

Rockin’ Jump comes to the rescue with sensory accommodations that work

When a Westchester family decided to hold their child’s birthday party at a fun, exciting place where all the young guests could have the time of their lives, they were elated to find Rockin’ Jump in Mount Kisco just in time for the big celebration. The plans were set. Up to two hours of jump time on the trampolines and playing in the foam pit, dedicated hosts to assist the party group, the on-premise food they had ordered (pizza and drinks for the kids, wrap platter for the adults), and the cotton candy machine they reserved as an extra-special treat.

Everything was perfect—almost. The family still had one major concern. The birthday child had special needs and, while having an exciting fun time was the goal, too much loud noise or sensory stimulation could be a significant problem and easily turn the high-energy fun into deep discomfort. The dilemma: how could the family keep the birthday party exciting, but also comfortable for their child?

Rockin’ Jump immediately came to the rescue. The birthday child and other special needs guests weren’t required to wear wristbands or the Rockin’ socks, which often made them uncomfortable. As a result, not only was the birthday party a huge success, but word spread about the sensory-related accommodations Rockin’ Jump had made for children with special needs. Realizing an even greater need within the community, Rockin’ Jump took the additional step of incorporating the accommodations as a regular feature—setting aside time (from 8 am to 10 am) on the first Sunday of each month for special needs children and their families to have a high comfort level and enjoy themselves.

It’s a win for everyone involved. “These special time slots have been very successful and it’s awesome seeing the families enjoy themselves with the accommodations we make,” explains Evan Murphy, assistant general manager. “We make sure this time isn’t as regulated as during our regular jumps. For instance, the kids can sit or lay on the trampolines if they want to. It’s also not as hectic or loud as other times.”

A safe, rockin’ good time for everyone who visits is Rockin’ Jump’s mission and has been its focus since opening in January. Based on the premise that exercise isn’t just healthy, but can also be loads of fun, Rockin’ Jump offers a way for kids to exercise without even realizing it through open jump arenas, diving into foam pits filled with soft foam cubes, playing trampoline dodgeball, and doing flips and summersaults. A fun and fitness destination wrapped in one.

Rockin’ Jump
333 N Bedford Rd
Mt Kisco
(914) 743-5730; mtk.rockinjump.com

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