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Spilled Wine? No Problem with RevitaRUGS

No matter how hard you try to prevent spills, it happens. You throw a party to celebrate a special event. Your guests are dining, wining, and having an all-around great time. Suddenly there’s a spill. Before you even look, you sense a considerable amount of red wine has found its way onto your beautiful silk area rug. Not to worry. RevitaRUGS has devised a way to protect your valuable rugs before they’re damaged—filling a gap in the market with a non-toxic fiber protection that repels acidic liquids and foods with dyes that can cause permanent staining. In the case of a liquid spill, just a quick soaking up with a paper towel and you’re back to partying with your guests. No harm done and no hurt feelings. Visit our YouTube channel for a demonstration of RevitaRUGS’ quick, easy, and effective rug stain protection.

10 Horizon Blvd
South Hackensack, NJ
(201) 641-1100; revitarugs.com


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