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You may not realize it, but the amount of light in a room has been known to directly affect our moods. The gloomier the room, the harder it can be to feel comfortable in the space and be productive. The lighter the room, the happier you feel and more effective you are. Investing in the proper lighting can transform a space from dim or dull to relaxed or vibrant at the flip of a switch.


Homes with lots of natural light are highly coveted. Even if you have a lot of windows, it is important to keep in mind that the amount of light streaming through them changes with the seasons. In the Northeast especially, the light tends to diminish in overcast weather. To ensure your rooms are properly illuminated, a combination of light sources is key.


GENERAL LIGHTING. It is common for homes to have overhead lights that provide the most illumination in a space. A chandelier, track lights, and pendants are all great options, but figuring out which is best for your room is essential. Observing how natural light moves through the space seasonally will help you create a suitable lighting scheme that elevates the design of your home.


TASK LIGHTING. Whether you are working from home, cooking, or reading a book, you must be able to clearly see what you are doing. Enter task lighting. This contrasting light keeps you focused on the work at hand. With the simple addition of under-cabinet down lights, table or floor lamps, and track lights, you will see your productivity increase.


ACCENT LIGHTING. When you want to draw attention to certain items in a room and create ambiance, accent lighting is a must. Create a visually striking boutique effect in your dressing room with under-mounted LED strips that spotlight your curated wardrobe and shoe collections. Wall lights are also an ideal option for making artwork or unique architectural elements the focal point of your space.


SMART LIGHTING. With the evolution of smart home technology, it is now possible to control your lights on your mobile phone. The latest LED technology from innovative companies such as HÓ“fele has taken smart lighting one step further by allowing you to change the color of your lights. If your power color is blue, HÓ“fele’s LOOX Led Lighting System allows you to give yourself an extra boost of energy and confidence by adjusting your lights to your favorite hue with the simple touch of an app.

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