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Xposure Gives Kids Real-World Reporting Experience


Junior journalist extraordinaire Sydney Jackson caught Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner off guard with her investigative prowess during a recent interview. As she confidently cornered Feiner about the campaign-bus “scandal” (it got lost) that surfaced during his last campaign, the 33-year public servant was nonplussed, to say the least.

 “He was smiling, but with this confused face,” says the 11-year-old Jackson, who’s currently in sixth grade at Greenburgh Middle School. “He looked like he didn’t want to answer the question.” 

Jackson’s budding career all began at Xposure, an afterschool program that gives kids opportunities to gain real-world experience. Through the program, students from New York City and Westchester County are exposed to the worlds of broadcasting, science, technology, finance, nutrition, and more.

In the aftermath of his encounter with the intrepid Jackson, which aired on the program’s very own Internet radio stream, Feiner said he believes Xposure will shape the next prominent figures of our nation. “We are so thrilled with this program,” he says. “Hopefully, alumni of Xposure will one day go on to be the next president, the next Nobel Prize winners, and TV anchors.”   


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