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Westchester Baby Boomers Love This Locally-Created Comic Strip


While some say 60 is the new 40, the creators of The New 60: A Comic Strip for the Ages, think 60 today is just the new 60 and that we should embrace and laugh about it. The digital comic strip, created by Bronxville resident John Colquhoun and Andy Landorf of Tarrytown, pokes fun at all kinds of common scenarios that plague the baby-boomer crowd, from struggles with technology to the ridiculousness of Millennial obsessions. 

The two funsters formed this comic collaboration after decades in the advertising world, which they describe as an intuitive transition. Colquhoun explains: “The Vikings, whenever they were — not the Minnesota Vikings — they used to take their own and put them on a ship and set the ship aflame and put it out to sea. That’s sort of metaphorically what they do to you in advertising, only we jumped off the ship and swam to shore and started a new comic.”

Explaining the relatable appeal of the comics, Landorf says, “There was one where John’s kid said, ‘Dad, that is so you,’ and it really was something that had happened to me,” before Colquhoun adds: “That happens all the time, where something that happened to me, Andy’s friends think actually happened to him. I guess that’s what makes us a good team.” Many of the comic’s barbs and lampoons are laugh-out-loud funny, not just because of the quality illustrations and text, but for their relatability among readers of their demographic.

The strips are published digitally every Tuesday and Friday on their website. Though it may seem counterintuitive for their target audience, the duo says the digital route offers clever options for engaging their fanbase. They also plan to post pencil versions of their work on Facebook, with open endings that fans themselves ultimately determine. There are also plans for multicolor books of the strip.



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