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Try Your Hand at Our Independence Day Crossword Puzzle




1. Revolutionary War battle fought to prevent George Washington being surrounded on Manhattan Island

4. Historic homestead that was the frequent HQ for General Putnam (2 words)

8. Quill, e.g.

9. The area of Westchester was called “____ ground” during the Revolutionary War

10. What George Washington did to his army (despite setbacks)

12. Cry for help at sea

13. Racket

15. Westchester Creek is one

17. African American hero of the Battle of Brandywine, ___ Hector

18. Top marks

19. English King who lost to the American forces, George ____

21. ____ iron

22. August date when New York signed the Declaration of Independence

25. Colonel who commanded the regiment at Pines Ridge

26. Army rank, abbr.

27. British “Thanks”

28. Rank of 31 Down

30. House in White Plains used by George Washington as his headquarters and base (2 words)

33. Higher

36. Pelt

38. It was born of war

39. With 8 Down, site of the Elijah Miller House, which was used by General Washington as his headquarters in 1776

41. Another name for British troops (2 words)

44. Boat equipment

45. Miracle ___ in Westchester has baseball facilities for the disabled

46. Revolutionary War looters who stole from the civilian population in the Westchester area



1. Revolutionary War battle where the African American First Rhode Island Regiment was attacked (2 words)

2. French king whose forces supported the American Revolutionary Army, ____ XVI

3. First name of a famous duelist who earlier fought under General Putnam in the Revolutionary War

4. Exist

5.  Came together, as the French and the Colonists did in the Revolutionary War

6. German mercenaries who fought for the British in the Revolutionary War

7.  Your and my

8.  See 39 Across

11. Manhattan, for one

14. Complete collection

16. NY time

20. Hard water

21. Revolutionary War artillery piece used in the Battle of White Plains

23. Take testimony

24.  Cemetery in Ossining that was a gravesite for Revolutionary War soldiers

27.  Zenith

28. First word of “America”

29. One category of officer

31. British major hanged as a spy in Tappan, NY

32. Church in Mount Vernon that was used as a wartime hospital in the Revolutionary War, St.____

34. Peter X. Kelly, for one

35. French “sea”

37. Conger

40. Prof. assistants, abbr.

42. Religious degree

43. Performing






Spoiler Alert! Answers below