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This New Pet Facility Offers the Ultimate Five-Star Stay for Your Dog


Launched by Stu and Tyler Zuckerman in May, Pleasant Grooming of Armonk now boasts 4,500 square feet of canine luxury designed to pamper your beloved pooch as if he/she were owned by J.Lo or a Gabor sister. Their new space, on Labriola Court, is four times the size of the previous Bedford Road space, allowing the Zuckermans to implement luxury overnight stays alongside their doggy-daycare program. Pet owners can now treat their dogs to spa services, obedience lessons, and of course, lots of playtime. Personalized shampoos, artisan food, and private suites help make your pet’s stay rival a stint at the Ritz-Carlton Westchester in White Plains. Don’t believe us? Check out the comparison chart and see for yourself.

The Ritz-Carlton Westchester

Pleasant Grooming of Armonk

Wireless Internet, in-room entertainment

Large TVs allow dog owners to login and view their pets via a 24-hr feed

Contemporary wood decor

Glass-tempered doors in suites, fiber-reinforced-polymer side and rear paneling

King-size bed or two double beds

Large bed (with padding!); controlled temperatures

Fully stocked minibar in-room, with BLT Steak downstairs and Kanopi upstairs

Catering by gourmet pet-food company Fromm, offering a range of genuine healthy and nutritional  kibble (salmon-based products for sensitive tummies; pork and applesauce for ear infections; grain-free diets)

Luxurious Asprey bath products

Baths with personalized shampoos, including oatmeal-based, aloe-based, de-skunking, anti-flea-and-tick, medicated, and more

Room service, 6 a.m.–1 a.m.

24/7 experienced-handler supervision, room disinfection multiple times a day

Pool & spa, including facials and massages (e.g., deep-muscle, hot stone, stress relief, etc., each running 60-90 mins)

Grooming & bathing services: manicure and pedicure, ear cleaning, brush set, and a haircut. Process takes 90 mins to 4 hours