These Infrared Saunas Are the Hottest Self-Care Staple

Cutting-edge infrared saunas heat up Westchester.

In today’s demanding, busy world, we want even our spa treatments to multitask. Enter a relative newcomer to the self-care boom, infrared saunas, which could prove to be the Swiss Army Knife of the spa world. 

These futuristic saunas warm up a user’s core temperature by as much as three degrees through the power of infrared light, which causes vibration in cells and the release of stored toxins. “Who doesn’t love a multitasking approach to health and wellness?” says Naomi Ortiz-Honor, founder of N°Lighten sauna studio in Hastings-on-Hudson. 

According to Ortiz-Honor, the heat elevates heart rate and circulation, flooding users with endorphins that help reduce muscle and joint pain, boosts immunity, and, if used long-term, lowers blood pressure and improves vascular health. She notes that other healing properties of infrared saunas, such as stress reduction and fatigue reduction, are endemic to spa treatments in general. 

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When asked who can benefit from infrared sauna treatments, her answer is simple: “It’s wonderful for managing pain conditions like fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, arthritis, carpal tunnel, and more.” 

Ortiz-Honor’s personal experience with the healing power of infrared saunas inspired her to bring the service to Westchester. Her studio offers one-hour and half-hour sessions that can also be purchased in packs of 5, 10, and 20 at a discounted price, as well as membership plans. She adds, “It’s a way to take care of yourself in a hectic, toxic world, by taking a break from outside stimuli and detoxing at the same time.”

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