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The Top Grooming Tips Men Need to Look Fresh and Clean


What mistake do men most often make when it comes to grooming?

“The most common mistake is not taking the time to put some product into their hair to make it look good for the day. Also, most men do not clean up their long eyebrow hairs, ear hairs, and nose hairs.”


What really is the best way to shave?

“The best way to shave truly depends on skin type. I recommend that guys with sensitive skin use an electric razor to shave to avoid irritating the skin. For non-sensitive skin, I would recommend using a Gillette Fusion. It achieves a nice, close shave.”


What products do you recommend and why?

“I recommend using either a pomade or a paste made by Reuzel. This company makes their products in Holland, and they have great hold and come in shine or non-shine with a nice peppermint smell.”


How often do you think a guy should get a haircut?

“How often a guy comes for a haircut is personal preference. I recommend that someone with a shorter hairstyle get a haircut every two to three weeks. This will keep them looking fresh and clean. Guys with longer hairstyles should come every four to six weeks for a cleanup, so their hair doesn’t get unruly and out of control.”


What do you think is the next big thing when it comes to men’s haircuts?

“I think the next popular haircut is going to be very short and tight on the sides and very long in the top, with either a side part or straight-back.”