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The NY Streets Arena Football Team Touch Down in Westchester


Already home to two professional basketball franchises, Westchester welcomes the New York Streets of the Arena Football League to the White Plains County Center. To get a jump (but not offsides, of course) on the competition, we sat down with team owners and New Rochelle residents Corey and Tamara Galloway, who are enthusiastically bringing their love of football — and Westchester County — right to our doorsteps.


How does it feel to have your team, the New York Streets, home at the Westchester County Center?

[Corey and Tamara] As longtime residents of New Rochelle, we are so proud to call Westchester the home of the New York Streets. Offering this sport to the Westchester community is an extraordinary feeling. We hope this team will not only add great economic value to this community but also a sense of great pride.


Dynamic duo: Tamara and Corey Galloway are the first and only black owners of a professional sports franchise in New York.


Tell us about your interest in arena football. When did it start?

[Corey] I’ve always been a football fan. Growing up in Brooklyn, I used to travel for hours across the city to watch pro football. But going to a Jets or Giants game can be really expensive, especially if you’re from a family without financial means. I always wanted to create a different experience for New York football fans — one that is action-packed but also family-friendly and affordable. Arena football gives fans that chance. Plus, arena football is much more intimate, with up-close action, getting personal with the players, and hearing the crunch of every tackle.


How did you decide on the name of your team?

[Corey] I was walking down Madison Avenue one day — after we had started forming the idea of an arena football team — and I thought how much this city is defined by its streets… Wall Street, Madison Avenue, Fifth Avenue, Broadway. Whenever you think about the heart of New York, you think of its streets. I wanted a name that really spoke to the essence of New York.



What do you see as the future for the National Arena League in general and for your team in general?

[Corey and Tamara] First, we hope to see the Streets become league champions at the end of this season. We’re off to an incredible start, undefeated after two games [at press time].

We want to make New York and Westchester proud of this team and the league as a whole. As the first black owners of a professional football sports team in New York, it’s also really important that this team embody the inclusive values that make this city second to none. As for the future of the league, it’s growing quickly, and we are already having exciting conversations with other big names in arena and indoor football about what lies ahead. One thing’s for sure: There’s much more to come!


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