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The Importance Of Standing Desks


Between your car, office chair, and family room couch, there’s a whole lot of not standing happening in your day. And sitting too much, you should know, has been compared to smoking and eating too much sugar or fast food as a route to health issues—heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure among them. So what’s a health-conscious, yet desk-ridden office drone to do?

Be like Winston Churchill and Ernest Hemingway—work at a standing desk. 

Prices can range from the low hundreds to $1,000 and up. Fixed-height desks occupy the lower end, while adjustable-height desks (some are available with fancy features like cord management systems) command higher prices. 

You can also DIY, but just make sure the materials you use to raise your monitor and keyboard are robust, so they don’t wobble or become unstable. Also, your standing desk should rise to elbow height so that when you type on your keyboard, your arms are bent at a 90-degree angle. The monitor should be propped up on a second, higher shelf, so that the top third of the screen is at eye level.

Customized standing desks can be purchased at Westchester Office World in Yonkers.


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