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The America’s Cup Returns To The Big Apple


After a 96-year absence, the America’s Cup returns next month to the Big Apple with the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series at New York Harbor May 6-8. This time around, however, devotees will have an unusual opportunity to experience the thrill of world-class sailing as if they were members of the crew itself. 

Thanks to Classic Harbor Line, you  can get a first-row seat to the races (on May 7 and 8) aboard the 80-foot Schooner Adirondack. Tickets are $300 and include complimentary drinks. 

If you can’t make it that weekend, don’t worry: Classic Harbor Line offers high-speed performance sailing  throughout April and May,  on high-wind days. “May is really the best time for speed sailing,” says Classic Harbor Line General Manager Sarah Pennington. “Ideally, you’re looking for at least 18-mile-an-hour winds,” adding that people should check out Classic Harbor Line’s Twitter account for updates on wind conditions.

“The return of the America’s Cup to New York is a huge deal for us,” says Pennington, right before rubbing some saltwater in the wound of our cousins across the pond. “It originally came to New York after we annihilated the British team in 1851.”