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Take a Shot at Our National Vodka Day Quiz


Vodka is unusually good at many things: cleansing your face, being a reusable ice pack, elongating a plant’s life, and even treating a jellyfish sting. But nothing compares with its ability to start a party. More importantly, it has the ability to reduce the severity of a hangover. Do you think you can handle your national vodka day quiz — or will you blackout?


1. What Vodka brand’s headquarters is in White Plains?

A. Anestasia Vodka   
B. Putinka Vodka
C. Pink Paradise          
D. Sauvelle


2. Still the One Distillery in Port Chester is the first legal distillery in Westchester since…?

A. World War II
B. The Industrial Revolution
C. Prohibition
D. World War I


3. Speaking of Still the One, what ingredient is fermented into their COMB Vodka to create “mead”?

A. Cinnamon   
B. Honey
C. Wheat           
D. Chocolate


4. What alcohol company has an app that can bring vodka straight to your door and supplies three Westchester wine-and-spirits locations?

A.  Shoot Your Shot  
B.  Fast & Flask
C.  Minibar Delivery   
D.  Where’s the Proof?


5. Alex J. Plitsas, a former resident of which Westchester town, created the vodka brand Valor Spirits?

A. New Rochelle   
B. Scarsdale​
C. Mamaroneck    
D. Sleepy Hollow

Spoiler Alert: Answers Below


1. A, 2. C, 3. B, 4. C, 5. C


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