Smarter Ware For Warmer Days

Tan, don’t wrinkle: Don a UV-sensing wearable

Designed for time outdoors, this JUNE bracelet lets you pick up a healthy glow from the sun—without turning your skin to leather (or worse). Strap this Bluetooth-connected device to your wrist and, using its personalizing app, monitor exposure levels to harmful solar rays via any iPhone-compatible screen. The chic bauble comes from France, naturellement, where skincare is practically a religion. Innovative Paris-area startup NetAtmo lets you customize JUNE to offer specific SPF-level recommendations.
Available in gold, gunmetal, or platinum finishes, $129


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Shoot even farther out with a hyper-zoom lens

Capture spectacular views—from panoramic earthscapes to craters on the moon—with Nikon’s Coolpix P900, which boasts the farthest-ranging twist-adapting lens ever made for consumer digital cameras. In a zoom ratio no phone-cam could dream of, this model covers an 83-to-1 range (133-to-1 with digital zoom)—allowing for optimal framing of your scene without physically having to move in or out. Then, conveniently offload your crisp 16-megapixel stills and HD video via built-in WiFi.
Available at Best Buy, $599


Listen easier over a snagless wireless headset

Wherever you look, neckband-style wireless stereo headsets are gaining cred due to the unplugged comfort of Bluetooth-connected audio reproduction in an easy-to-wear configuration. The top-of-the-line Tone Infinim model, from ear/neckwear trailblazer LG, offers first-rate Harman Kardon Signature Sound quality and notably long battery life (up to 14 hours of play), with convenient push-button retractable earpieces.
Available in gold, black, red, silver, or white finishes at WalMart, $99-$114

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Ride safer wearing a brain-cushioning helmet

Proof that the latest high-tech gear isn’t always electronic comes with the reboot of a classic motorcycle helmet, the Bell Star, introduced in 1968. The Bell Pro Star, today’s highest-end incarnation, incorporates advanced materials and refined design for greater safety. Suction-cup-like “dampers” and three layers of state-of-the art cushioning guard against rotational injury to the brain from a spill—a first. A thinner carbon-fiber weave reduces helmet weight, while a new inner liner could drop skin-surface temperatures by 10 degrees F.
Available soon at Hudson Valley Motorcycles, Ossining, $1,199