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Shining A Light On Two Historical Lighthouses


Execution Rocks Lighthouse

Execution Rocks Lighthouse (above) is located in the middle of the Long Island Sound, off of New Rochelle. It was built in 1849 after the nearby Sands Point Lighthouse was found to be ineffective at warning sailors during heavy fog and stormy weather. 

One legend says that during the Revolutionary War, the British chained American prisoners to the rocks at low tide so they would drown slowly as the water rose. 

Today, the lighthouse is fully functional and in use. It flashes a bright white light every 10 seconds so sailors can safely navigate Long Island Sound at night and in bad weather. 

Tours of the island are by appointment and cost $75 per person. Overnight stays are available on Saturdays for $300. 


Tarrytown Lighthouse

Built in 1883, the Tarrytown Lighthouse (or Sleepy Hollow Lighthouse) once provided navigational aid to ships as they made their way down the Hudson River. The lighthouse was in operation for 78 years (1883-1961) until the completion of the Tappan Zee Bridge in 1955 diminished the need for a nearby lighthouse. 

The lighthouse fell under the administration of the Westchester County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Conservation in 1969, and it was reopened to the public on its 100th anniversary in 1983. 

The Tarrytown Lighthouse is open for 50-minute group tours, by appointment. A fee of $150 is charged for group tours of up to 25 people. 


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