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Red Wine … on Ice!?


We’re quickly entering the season for blushing bottles of rosé and glasses of Sauvignon Blanc, but that doesn’t mean reds have to fall by the wayside. Prep reds for summer by throwing them in the fridge. It’s not as taboo as you’d think: “Chilling certain red wines can be wonderfully refreshing on a warm day,” say Derek and Carol Todd of Wine Geeks in Armonk. The key is to choose the right bottles: “Generally, the lighter the body of the wine, the more benefit you’ll see in putting a slight chill on it. Fruit-forward wines also respond nicely to a bit of chill. Red sparklers, like Lambrusco and Australian sparkling Shiraz, are always served chilled.”

Just 20 to 30 minutes in the fridge is typically enough time (reds don’t need to be as cold as whites), and many varietals pair well with grilled foods, like burgers and barbecue. Here are some of Derek and Carol’s top picks — all priced $25 or less.

Lo-Fi Cabernet Franc 2017

This new release from the Santa Barbara winery shows notes of strawberry, cherry, pomegranate, and rose.

Francesco Rinaldi Grignolino d’Asti 2015

A refreshing, organically grown Italian red, it pairs well with burgers or sausages on the grill.

Domaine des Marrans ‘Corcelette’ Morgon 2016

A Cru Beaujolais, this delicate Gamay has juicy notes of strawberry, cherry, and blackberry.

Black Chook Wines ‘The Chook’ Sparkling Shiraz NV

With notes of macerated fruits and spices, this sparkling red pairs well with barbecue and dessert.

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