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Pop Quiz: Grave Concerns


Why should only Westchester’s living have all the fun this Halloween, when there’s so much going on here below ground, too? Take our Westchester cemeteries quiz, and join the party going on six feet under.​

1. Which beloved New York Yankee (so obviously not George Steinbrenner) is buried in the Gate of Heaven Cemetery in Mount Pleasant?

A. Babe Ruth             B. Lou Gehrig
C. Joe DiMaggio        D. Yogi Berra

2.  Which groundbreaking industrialist is currently breaking ground himself in the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery?

A. Henry Ford             B. Andrew Carnegie
C. J.P. Morgan            D. John D. Rockefeller Jr.

3.  Which Westchester County cemetery has land that ascends to the highest point between Tarrytown and the Long Island Sound?

A. Sleepy Hollow Cemetery     B. Gate of Heaven Cemetery
C. Kensico Cemetery               D. Ferncliff Cemetery

4.  True or False: The Old Dutch Burying Ground is the oldest cemetery in Westchester.

5.  One of these Tinseltown leading ladies was married to a comedy legend and is buried in Kensico Cemetery. Name the late actress and her husband.

A. Vivian Blaine/Milton Rackmil
B. Billie Burke/Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
C. Audrey Hepburn/Mel Ferrer
D. Anne Bancroft/Mel Brooks

6. Which American TV host is buried in Westchester County? Name the host and the cemetery.

A. Jack Paar/Ferncliff Cemetery
B. Ed Sullivan/Ferncliff Cemetery
C. Chuck Barris/Gate of Heaven Cemetery
D. Gene Rayburn/Gate of Heaven Cemetery


To see how well you did, click here!