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Money Monster


On June 30, moviegoers nationwide will see Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler as beleaguered parents who open a casino in their basement to pay for their daughter’s tuition in the new film The House. Perhaps Poehler and Ferrell should have consulted Pelham CPA Joel Peck, who’s sculpting a cottage industry helping parents save thousands on tuition.

A father who’s shipped off three kids to college, Peck uses his CPA skills and his new video series, “Getting Money For College,” to help other parents more easily bear the excruciating burden of college tuition. Priced at $747, the eight-video series guides parents on how to correctly negotiate with financial-aid officers, so they don’t have to open their own illicit basement casinos.

“As a CPA,” says Peck, “I realized from the questions financial-aid officers were asking that most people wouldn’t understand the system.”

All but 35 of the nation’s roughly 4,100 colleges negotiate tuition, according to Peck, who says his program saves parents an average of $5,000–$10,000 per year; some save even more. For additional information, visit www.gettingmoneyforcollege.com


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