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“Careful These Plates Are Hot” mentions the black-truffle salsify soup served at Café of Love. I was the opening chef at Café of Love and designed the menu, including the truffle soup. Chef Jonathan Krim at 2941 Restaurant in Washington D.C. taught me the recipe in 2004. I believe in giving credit where credit’s due.
Executive Chef Felipe Milanes
F.A.B., Mount Kisco

As much as I love Tarry Lodge, it is not a new restaurant (“Careful These Plates Are Hot,” Feb 2010). It opened in 2008. While I understand that the last time Westchester Magazine featured its roundup of new restaurants was two years ago, this is still not an excuse to feature a restaurant that is clearly not new. This type of recycled reporting is making me want to cancel my subscription.
Francine Minadeo, Larchmont

Writer Julia Sexton Responds: I’m sorry to have been the cause of so much anger. As you note, this roundup was intended to cover the biggest news in Westchester dining since the last similarly scoped piece two years ago. Tarry Lodge simply fell into our two-year catchment period and we would have been remiss to omit this restaurant simply because of its prominence. We are reluctant to publish lists of merely “new” restaurants that we can’t, in good faith, also suggest might deserve our readers’ money. We feel that, in this case, a wider timeline with more considered inclusions offer a greater service to our readers.

A Pub with a View

I love your February article on Top Pubs (“12 Great Pubs”), but you missed an extraordinary newcomer to the scene: Bridge View Tavern in Sleepy Hollow, which, true to its name, offers views of the Hudson River and the Tappan Zee Bridge and has a wide and changing selection of microbrews on tap.
Roberta Ruppel, Sleepy Hollow

Missing Hutch Exit

In  February’s “Ask Westchester,” you refer to the mysterious “Exit 24” on the Hutchinson River Parkway.  There used to be such an exit, but when the state rebuilt the highway about 20 years ago, it was eliminated. There’s also no Exit 11 on the Hutch, probably for the same reason.
Scott Ornstein, New Rochelle

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