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High School Issue

The cover of your April issue was terrific. Thought I’m not a fan of High School Musical, I had to smile seeing your cover. It definitely caught my eye.

Eleanor Fryman

What reason did the mostly Northern Westchester high schools give for declining to participate in your survey? School performance is, and should be, a matter of public record. As a former member of the Hendrick Hudson school board, the only reason I can think of is embarrassment at failing to meet the expectations of a demanding community.

Lawrence Zeitlin
Cortlandt Manor

Editor’s Response: Unfortunately, we’re in the dark about their reasoning as much as you are. A few of the districts gave us vague complaints about the accuracy of the data from other schools (last year, for example, we had an issue in which some districts over-reported their SAT scores, which is why this year we obtained them from the New York State Department of Education). But most of the Northern Westchester schools simply declared they weren’t participating without any further explanation—and three of them (Croton-Harmon, John Jay, and Ossining) never responded to our survey, or our repeated attempts at follow-up communications, at all.

Taking Stock

Regarding the “Taking Stock” chicken broth taste test in your April issue, College Inn Chicken Broth is one of the two recommended. But it has MSG, which puts my husband into headache mode—piercing pain for many hours. So many people are unaware of their reaction to it. When I see all the unnecessary ingredients and sweeteners, either sugar or honey, I’m veering more and more to making my own stock.
Also, I followed your deli recommendation of A S Fine Foods of Thornwood; I had never been there before. It was a half-hour trip, and I was thinking the whole way up it might not be worth it. I was wrong.

Carol Clark

No Parking Burns

After reading “Rent It” in your April issue, it occurred to me that the Jacob Burns Film Center is helping with rentable DVDs because of the high cost to go to the movies, which includes no parking lot! As Pleasantville’s most famous attraction, Jacob Burns should really cut a deal with the Village to assist customers at movie times. A friend and I went to two showings ($44), and then I got hit with $30 worth of parking tickets. The total, if you include the small popcorn, was $78.

Bonnie Buhler-Smith

Factory Town

A friend brought my attention to the March issue’s “Ask Westchester” department entitled “Factory Town.” Actually there is a factory here in Westchester that offers tours and educational programs and mentoring for young people. ZipJack Custom Umbrellas is located in Elmsford on Route 9A. Its focus is custom-built pool, patio, beach, and café umbrellas for commercial and residential clients throughout the U.S. The company has hosted a number of educational tours. Its phone number is (914) 592-2000.

Martha Dubinsky-Witkowski

Oops: In last month’s high school data chart, two schools incorrectly reported the percentages of their graduates who go on to college. The correct percentages are as follows:

•Yonkers-Roosevelt—63% Total; 47% 4-Year, 16% 2-Year.
•Mount Vernon—96% Total; 92% 4-Year; 4% 2-Year.

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