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Katonah's Canines Are in For a Treat With Heelers Made Fresh


“The farm-to-table movement for people in Westchester is a great thing to pass along to our pets,” says Katonah resident Alexa Amoriello, cofounder of Heelers Made Fresh food for dogs (www.heelersmadefresh.com). Just 16 years old, she and her sister, Sabrina, 11, are the “brain trust” behind the company, says proud papa Alex Amoriello, who, along with wife Rosie, helped develop his kids’ idea.

Worried by their Australian heeler’s (so named because the herding breed tends to nip at the heels of reluctant cattle) refusal to eat commercial foods, Alexa suggested cooking for him. Seeing Buster gobble up his freshly homemade meals — and gaining new vitality — prompted the Amoriellos to provide such fare to other dogs. Advice from a dog nutritionist resulted Heeler’s locally sourced, organic mix of beef or chicken, vegetables, oats and eggs available at farmers’ markets and online (with free delivery from the Amoriellos), and the market research looks promising. “Our tastings cause a frenzy,” says Alex, with Rosie adding, “The dogs try to eat the spoon!” 


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