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Just How Green Is Westchester County?


The Westchester business community has steadily increased its commitment to going green, so we checked in with Westchester Green Business (WGB) program director Dani Glazer, to get a better take on just what this latest wave of corporate responsibility has meant for the county.



Estimated electricity saved in 2017 by WGB members, which equates to the electricity used in 99 homes for one year

26metric tons

The estimated reduction of carbon dioxide in 2017 by WGB members, which equates to 56 fewer passenger cars on the road for one year


The percentage of WGB member employees who think it’s worthwhile for their organizations to explore ways to be more environmentally responsible


Percentage of WGB member employees who consider it either very important or somewhat important to work for an environmentally friendly organization


The total number of employees reached by the WGB program through member organizations

In comparison to the average commercial building, green buildings:

Consume 26% less energy

Have 13% lower maintenance costs

Reflect 27% higher occupant satisfaction

Emit 33% less greenhouse gases

*(US Green Building Council)