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Eastchester Scores?


After reading Merri Rosenberg’s article, “Our 155 Elementary Schools,” in the April issue, I’m curious why she left out the Eastchester schools in the body of the article. Clearly, Eastchester students lead the county in standardized testing.  

Suzanne Johnson



Unpleasant Omission


I write to you with simultaneous feelings of despair, discouragement, and astonishment. On the Saturday before Easter, I received Westchester Magazine, and I could not believe that your cover story on elementary schools did not include the Mount Pleasant Central School District. This is the second time in three years that our district has been excluded from your magazine survey.


If you recall, two years ago, Westlake High School’s information was not publicized either.


I already have heard from numerous parents in our district who absolutely are angered and frustrated at the fact that our
district was not mentioned. Of course, I listened very patiently, but I have to admit, it was difficult for me not to become upset at the situation.

As I mention to parents, the Mount Pleasant Central School District is “Moving Up and Moving On,” and to have this omission was a devastating blow to our community, staff, administration, Board of Education, and course, me! 

Alfred Lodovico

Superintendent of Schools

Mount Pleasant Central School District 



Just wondering why the Mount Pleasant Central School District (Hawthorne Elementary/Columbus School) was not included in your first-ever survey of county elementary schools? It would be very sad to imagine that Ms. Rosenberg or Mr. Quartuccio failed to include such a wonderful, community minded school district. Or did they not do their homework?

Donna Raguso



Editor’s Response: Mount Pleasant’s omission was an unfortunate error; the magazine failed to send the district a survey form. A form has since been sent, and the school’s data will be posted on our website, at

We regret this error.

A Walk Spoiled


As a longtime subscriber to the magazine, I have appreciated the growth of coverage, especially in the northern part of the county. What I am not appreciating, however, is the increasing coverage of golf and golf events. I despise that game and resent so much space being taken in the magazine because of it. Please consider making your golf supplements separate booklets so I can discard them at once. I will have to seriously consider discontinuing my subscription if there needs to be this much content devoted to such a trivial pursuit.

Carol Totilo

Cortlandt Manor


Gimmie Shelter


I was disappointed to read such a glowing description of the new Puppy Tails pet store in Harrison. Places like Puppy Tails should be shut down. They create a market for puppy mills which produce millions of unwanted dogs and cats every year in America.  

There are hundreds of great dogs and cats waiting right now at Westchester animal shelters like the Yonkers Animal Shelter, Briarcliff SPCA, New Rochelle, Central Westchester, and Westchester Shore Humane Societies, and the White Plains Animal Rescue League. If you’d like a furry friend in your life, they’re the places to go to get one guilt-free.

Glenn Hurowitz

Briarcliff Manor


Jazzed for Jazzercise


Jazzercise is a great program for beginners as well as for those who would prefer working out to dance routines instead of on gym equipment. As a longtime Jazzerciser, I can attest to the fact that it can be also as intensive as what you put into it and can certainly be more than a “one water bottle” workout (as per your “Post-Winter Workouts” article in the April issue) for the upper and lower body.

Fransyl Salzberg




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