Here’s What Chefs Think When You Use Your Phone During a Meal

What do you think of guests using their phones (taking photos, talking, texting, etc) during a meal?

Eric Korn 
Monteverde at Oldstone, Cortlandt Manor

Personally, if I’m eating, I’m not a fan of phones at the table. I want to enjoy the time with my family and friends instead of focusing on our phones. When it’s guests in our restaurant, I still don’t love phones, but I know they’ve become a part of our culture — to the point that guests posting pictures of our food is a positive for us. I’ve decided that while they bother us in the dining room, we need to be tolerant, as long as the guests are reasonable.

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Clark Case
KR CaféKatonah 

We can’t stop people from talking on their phones, but I just think it’s rude to those around you. You’re here, at a restaurant, to enjoy a date or company with someone, and it’s distracting to see the person at the table next to you, texting or taking photos with flash.

Moshe Grundman
Sixty5 on Main, Nyack 

We are living in a technological age. People like taking pictures and sharing them; I don’t see a problem with that — I do that myself when I eat!

Lou Rexepehi
KEE Oyster House, White Plains 

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It takes away from the experience one should have, especially if you are dining with others. Having conversations, spending quality time with your friends and family, and of course enjoying the meal should be the goal of dining out.  





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