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Have This Locally Made Canine Cuisine Delivered Right to Your Door


Karen and Don Gotimer launched Pet Wants as a mobile business in 2017, inspired by love for their two dogs, Avery and Deuce. The canine haute-cuisine service caters to Westchester owners with door-to-door delivery, bringing fresh, slow-cooked kibble packed with protein and nutrients perfectly balanced to suit your furry companion’s best health interests. The food is cooked at a lower temperature than most commercial brands (so it retains more nutrients) and batches are made only monthly, in the quantities needed to fulfill customer orders. Karen says the food travels directly from the plant to them, where they package and deliver it to customers, so it doesn’t sit around in hot trucks, railcars, or store shelves. With no artificial preservatives and fillers, dogs (and cats!) can enjoy a range of chicken, lamb, salmon, duck, whitefish, and grain-free kibble. Owners may opt for a monthly subscription or order on-demand (dropped within 24 hours); they can even request a consult with a pet nutritionist.

The Gotimers also make a line of all-natural products, including healing/calming salves, repellents and sprays, and dog treats. Their freeze-dried raw salmon and chicken hearts are newly available online and at the White Plains and Port Chester farmers’ markets.

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