From A to Z With Tracy Fitzpatrick

“Alligators all Around.” From Really Rosie, book and lyrics by Maurice Sendak, with music by Carole King. It’s a real favorite from my teen years.

Boxing gloves. I just love my mini-boxing gloves. 

Croton Aqueduct and Dam. Beautiful and impressive for hiking and picnicking.

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Daffodils. One of the first signs of spring. I love to see them come up year after year in my garden.

Emelin Theater in Mamaroneck. Great performances for kids.

Failure. It helps you learn.

Greenburgh Nature Center. A great spot for a day out with the family and great for kids’ birthday parties.

Hudson River. Gotta love water that flows in opposite directions at the same time. 

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Icy-cold beer. Preferably from a local brewery.

Jacob Burns Film Center. Great institution, great films. 

King Kone. One of the last great “drive-in” eating places for the whole family.

Lazy weekend day. I’d sleep as late as my kids would allow. It’s rare but loved (another “L” word). 

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Mantegna. My favorite Italian Renaissance artist.

Neuberger Museum of Art. Sorry, I just can’t resist plugging my own place!

Oxygen. Gotta have it, preferably relatively clean.

Purchase College. Our amazing parent institution, ranked in the top-10 public liberal-arts colleges in the nation.

Queen for a Day. That’s what I want
to be.

Riverdale. A great place to live.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. I’m fascinated by cemeteries, particularly ones with interesting stories. 

Thurman Munson. If you’re a Yankees fan like me, you’ll understand why.

Umbrellas. I especially like ones that I can actually find and that are not yet broken.

Voracious Reader. A great independent children’s bookstore in Larchmont.

Wave Hill. Love visiting anytime but especially enjoy a successful trip—which I define as my kid
not falling into the
fish pond.

Xenodocheionology.  Yes, I got this from a list of “X” words, but it turns out to be something I really love. (You’ll have to look it up.)

Yonkers. I’m excited about its thriving arts community.

Zambonis. I love watching them smooth the ice, making it shimmer