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Elevate Your Coffee Table With This Photographer's Stunning Landscape Shots


Garden Wild

by Andre Baranowski

Westchester resident and renowned photographer Andre Baranowski brings to life some of the county’s most ethereal landscapes in this vivid, new coffee-table book. Released in March, Garden Wild features the local beauty of all seasons, with visions of sunflower fields, snow-covered trees, freshly fallen autumn leaves, lush greenery, and more — transporting the reader to an ethereal realm of existence. Mount Kisco, North Salem, and Scarsdale locations are represented, as well as East Hampton, New Jersey, and Connecticut, capturing gardens across the Northeast by such landscape architects and designers as Oehme, van Sweden; Fernando Caruncho; Jorge Sanchez; and Piet Oudolf. Baranowski is an award-winning talent who has photographed gardens for almost 30 years and currently works with the National Landscape Foundation and the Garden Conservancy, photographing the nation’s landscapes.

223 pages (hrd), Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., $45


A Taste of Fantasy

By Kevyn Deregt with Ray Isle
Photography by Andre Baranowski

Despite language barriers and differences, what brings people of all cultures together is gathering around a table to enjoy a meal and each other’s company. Kevyn Deregt, Ray Isle, and photographer Andre Baranowski portray this experience through a photo-centric journey featuring 20 elaborate table settings, exquisitely staged in some of the world’s most scenic destinations. A prime literary exemplar of arm-chair travel, A Taste of Fantasy depicts intimate mise-en-scènes for cocktail-and-dinner parties amidst gorgeous backdrops of places like St. Moritz, Salzburg, Venice, and England’s Hever Castle. Together, the creators of this book vivify the colors, scents, and flavors emblematic of each of destination through table settings, accompanying each with delightfully decadent recipes.

Available at www.amazon.com. 293 pages (hrd), Fantasy Settings LLC, $40


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