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Confection Perfection


Stir Crazy

Sweeets, Larchmont 

Swirl your afternoon coffee in style with these elegant sugar-crystal rods dipped partially or completely in either edible sterling silver or 24K gold. 

$6.50-$13.50; www.sweeetsusa.com


Southern Comfort

Sweeets, Larchmont

The eponymous Modjeska made their debut in Louisville, KY, during the 1800s to honor a visiting Shakespearean actress. Today, these handmade marshmallows enrobed in caramel are a fitting tribute to any coworker. 

$1 ea.; www.sweeetsusa.com


Sushi Surprise

Candy Rox, Rye

This 22-piece candy sushi boat will be the envy of your office mates. It features homemade Rice Krispies treats surrounded by and filled with a wealth of candy, including sour belts and gummy worms. The cunning candies are served alongside chocolate sauce and wasabi-colored frosting. 

$36.50; www.candyrox.com


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