A Closer Look at the Metro-North

We take a dive into some key Metro-North Railroad stats.

In our August 2005 issue, former staffer Marisa LaScala wrote that for thousands of Westchester residents, a ride on Metro-North “bracket[s] their weekdays like unrelenting parentheses.” Well, that trenchant sentiment has never been truer than now, with ridership on the rail line more than doubling in the past decade. We take a closer look at some key Metro-North Railroad stats — then and now (using the most recent numbers available).

Number of commuters on an average weekday and likely percent residing in Westchester:

2005: 125,000 or 60%
Today: 292,182 or 55%

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Number of miles traveled by the Metro-North fleet annually:

2005: 49.24 million miles
Today: 80 million miles

Number of Metro-North trains traveling into and out of Grand Central Terminal every weekday:

2005: 606
Today: 606

Number of railroad ties that are used in Metro-North’s territory:

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2005: Unavailable
Today: 2.4 million

Busiest Metro-North station:

2005: White Plains (9,665 avg weekday riders)
Today: Stamford (14,600 avg weekday riders)

Least-busy Metro-North station:

2005: Valhalla (303 avg weekday riders)
Today: Mount Pleasant (1 avg weekday rider — it’s a special stop that serves two adjacent cemeteries)

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Approx. number of cellphones left on trains each month:

2005: 300
Today: 275

Most unusual items left on trains:

2005: 6 prosthetic legs
Today: an urn with ashes, crutches, baby strollers, bridal gowns, tuxedos, bridesmaid dresses, Paralympian’s running blades, a Festivus pole