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2017's Best Luxury Ski Equipment


Hoof It

Most people assume it’s next to impossible to walk in ski boots, but Lange would beg to differ. These award-winning boots with a solid-sole design and Dynafit-certified inserts also boast a V-Lock Ski/Hike system that allows for ambulation sans skis. Lange Freetour XT 130; $799.95; Hickory & Tweed, Armonk

A Head of the Game

Sweet Protection may not be the biggest purveyor of winter headgear, but this sleek Norwegian company has quickly become the new darling of deep-pocketed powder hounds. With a unique carbon fiber prepreg polymer shell, this helmet provides a prime chance to shield your dome in style. Sweet Protection Rooster; $549.95; www.sweetprotection.com


Jack of All Trades

Whether you are slicing through fresh powder or bounding down icy slopes, these versatile skis have your back. With a unique carbon-and-basalt weave and Air Tip technology, the Soul 7 HD is the newest generation of what many critics agree are some of the best free-ride skis ever produced. Rossignol Soul 7 HD; $749.95; Pedigree Ski Shop, White Plains

Clear Eyes Can’t

Lose Worry no more about foggy goggles hampering a high-speed trail run with these new stunners by Smith
Optics. These futuristic specs sport a silent, two-speed elite turbo exhaust fan, quick-release lens-change system, and an anti-fog inner lens. Smith Optics I/OX Turbo Fan; $340; Hickory & Tweed, Armonk

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