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Profiles of Law July 2021

Estate, Will, Trust, Corporate, Guardianship and Matrimonial Law and Litigation in These Areas of Law: Bashian P.C.


Gary E. Bashian

The three senior attorneys at our law firm, Gary E. Bashian, Andrew R. Frisenda, and Michael G. Hanrahan, and all attorneys in our firm, have over 120 years of experience in providing personal service to clients.

• Will & Trust Planning/Administration and Litigation

• Accounting Contest

• Infant and Adult Guardianship Law and Litigation

• Corporate & Business Law and Litigation

• Matrimonial & Family Law and Litigation

We value every client. We provide you the best possible outcome through individualized attention, and look out for what you want.  We are available on a 24-hour basis,  7 days a week.

Admitted in New York and Connecticut

Bashian P.C.
235 Main St, Suite 610 • White Plains, NY
552 Lake Ave • Greenwich, CT

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