Declutter With Instagram Worthy Results: Streamline Organizing

Challenge: I long for my pantry and kitchen/bathroom cabinets to look like the ones I see on Instagram. How do I achieve this look? 

Solution: You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed when your desire to declutter seems impossible. Following these steps — one at a time — will help you conquer the task.
1. Clear out the area you want to organize.
2. Throw out/purge any items that have expired or you no longer use.
3. Sort items you want to hold onto, keeping like items together.
4. Clean the space thoroughly to give a fresh feel.
5. Take measurements for purchasing bins/baskets that will fit your space (clear bins allow you to see the contents).
6. To maximize space in a tall cabinet, consider purchasing shelving inserts or stackable bins.
7. Put your sorted items in bins and finish off the project with labels.
8. Your finished project will leave you with an eye-pleasing, organized space. 

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Jeanette Veneziano
Streamline Organizing