Indulge in the best of Peruvian cuisine: Aji Limo Peruvian Cuisine

aji limo

Ají Limo is a tribute to the most traditional Peruvian cuisine, that of our houses, markets, carts, picanterías, huariques, and cevicherías. During this season, our focus is on our amazing catering. We provide private corporate parties in the restaurant, corporate catering at business locations, and traditional catering services for all who want to taste the best Peruvian food in town. In addition, we offer deliveries through platforms such as GrubHub and UberEats, so that you can enjoy a warm meal from the comfort of your home. We would be honored to serve you during this holiday season.

Aji Limo Peruvian Cuisine
199 Main St
Twitter: @ajilimo199  
Facebook: @PeruvianCuisine
Instagram: @ajilimo_ny

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