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Health & Wellness: Staying Healthy & Well During the Dog Days of Summer

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Don’t let the dog days of summer make you lose your resolve for staying healthy and well. Follow these health and fitness tips that will take you well into fall.

Refreshing your mind and body: The Abbey Inn & Spa


Q. What do you recommend for recharging my body and mind?

A. Refreshing your body and mind is essential to your well-being. The Abbey Inn Spa provides a restful retreat in the heart of the Hudson Valley for refreshing your body and reconnecting with nature. Our 2,500-square-foot hotel spa offers sanctuary from the non-stop energy of the outside world with four tranquil treatment rooms, his and hers saunas, a relaxation room, and a wide array of wellness-enhancing options. Within our peaceful sanctuary you’ll find a sacred space to create positive change for both body and mind. Utilizing the healing properties of nature with a collection of rejuvenating treatments will leave you with restored balance, renewed energy, and natural radiance. And, since summer is a time to have a little fun, why not try out a new skincare treat that’s perfect for the season? Call us at 914.736.3261 to find out more about our fruity spring-summer spa menu!

The Abbey Inn & Spa
900 Fort Hill Rd

Staying healthy and fit in the summer heat: A Better Body by Steve 

person running

Q. How do I stay consistent with my diet and exercise when it’s so hot? I’d rather sit by the pool!

A. Exercise in the cool of the morning. Make sure to get to bed at a reasonable time, so you don’t snooze your workout away! Nighttime discipline and planning ahead are key.

Eat cool meals that don’t make you feel warm. Some good choices include:

  • Fat-free yogurt smoothie with berries
  • Grilled chicken over salad
  • Three bean salad (skip the sugar)
  • Sushi
  • Hummus and scoopable veggies (carrots, peppers, snap peas, green beans)

If a part of your meal requires cooking beforehand, do that in the cool of the morning, too.

Steve Schlenkermann
A Better Body by Steve
Virtual personal training and
personalized nutritional coaching

Receiving specialty treatment efficiently, effectively: Brain & Spine Surgeons of NY

Q. Why is it important to offer multiple specialties within one practice?
Brain and Spine Surgeons of NY is growing in size and expertise. In fact, they have recently added seven new physicians to their lineup. Expanded services include neurology, ENT care, and more innovative non-surgical pain management options. The reasons why BSSNY patients seek treatment varies from person to person. Sometimes a patients’ complaint doesn’t fit into one category of medicine. It often takes a combined approach of differing specialties to devise the best treatment plan possible for BSSNY patients. Having these options all under one roof minimizes the amount of time a patient is waiting for treatment. BSSNY surgeons actually prefer to operate together as a team and they often do. The primary goal at BSSNY is to determine the root cause of a patient’s concern. They can do that best by combining the expertise of multiple physicians within multiple specialties. This allows for the best possible outcome for their patients.

Q. Is surgery always necessary?
Taking an individualized approach to care, the physicians at BSSNY always look for non-invasive treatments first and foremost. If surgery isn’t deemed medically necessary at the time, the physicians will discuss other forms of treatment with their patients. In fact, BSSNY has a division that is designated to non-surgical care and treatments called Spine Options. Five Pain Management physicians work closely with patients to alleviate their pain through non-surgical treatments, such as physical therapy, pain injections, holistic alternatives, and more. One should never be afraid to visit a surgeon. BSSNY physicians want what’s best for their patient and will never push surgery if it isn’t in the patient’s best interest.

Q. What is minimally invasive surgery?
BSSNY surgeons work with patients to find the best options to help treat their conditions and pain. There is a particular emphasis on minimally invasive procedures when appropriate. This involves small incisions with few stitches. A thin, tube-like instrument with a lens for viewing is inserted to guide the surgeons through the procedure. The end result is less pain and need for narcotic use, a quicker return to daily activities, and minimal scarring as compared to an open-surgery approach. Many procedures such as these do not require an overnight stay in the hospital. Surgery of any kind can sound scary. At BSSNY, they do their best to treat a patients’ condition with the least amount of interruption into their daily lives.

Brain & Spine Surgeons of NY
Main Office
4 Westchester Park Drive, 4th fl
White Plains

Restoring your sensational smile: The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry

center for cosmetic dentistry

Q. Is there any way to actually see my new smile before committing to getting veneers?

A. Yes! We take digital impressions and photos, and then convert all the data into a smile design through high-tech digital simulation. This allows us to present photos and a video of your new teeth digitally placed in your actual mouth. You are able to see your new smile before any work is done!

Robert L. Rioseco, DMD, FAGD, AAACD
The Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
147 Underhill Ave
West Harrison

Staying OB/GYN healthy: Columbia University Dept of Obstetrics and Gynecology

columbia health

Q. How often do I need to visit an obstetrician-gynecologist?

A. A visit to your OB/GYN is an opportunity to check up on your sexual and reproductive health as well as discuss other concerns related to your overall health and wellbeing. During a well-woman visit with your OB/GYN you might discuss your blood test results, blood pressure, and stressors in your life that can contribute to your mental and physical health. You may also talk about upcoming life transitions, like trying to conceive or the onset of menopause. A pap smear is what we typically associate with an OB/GYN visit, but your provider should address your whole health and your health goals beyond the information a pap smear provides. We recommend a yearly visit to your OB/GYN, and to discuss with your provider how often you need a pap smear performed.

Q. If I want to get pregnant, what are the best things I can do to prepare?

A. As a first step, we recommend tracking your menstrual cycle to determine the best time to try to conceive. You should also make sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet including a variety of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and lean proteins like fish, chicken, and tofu, exercise daily, and take folic acid to lower your risk of birth defects. We encourage you to make a pre-conception appointment with your OB/GYN to discuss a personalized plan for becoming pregnant and learn more about pregnancy and what your prenatal care journey will look like.

Q. What are some health issues that can arise for pre- and post-menopausal women?

A. It’s important for women in their 40s, 50s, and beyond to have regular OB/GYN visits in order to stay on top of health issues that can arise pre- and post-menopause. At your regular check-in, you can discuss your current health as well as goals for the future, and your provider can screen for conditions like gynecologic cancer and pelvic floor disorders. If you’re experiencing symptoms like pelvic pain, incontinence, or have a family history of breast cancer or gynecologic cancer, we encourage you to make an appointment with your OB/GYN to discuss your symptoms and get a referral to a specialist who can provide treatment.

Columbia University Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology – Scarsdale
696 White Plains Rd

Choosing designer eyeglasses wisely: Eye Designs of Westchester


Q. I’ve never worn glasses but sometimes get headaches when using my computer, can this be helped?

A. Yes! For many people, this is the very first sign that you need eyeglasses. There are many lenses that can help you see all of your digital devices clearly and without getting headaches!

Q. Do sunglasses have a long-term effect on your health?

A. Yes! Unfortunately, many sunglasses found in department stores may be attractive, but are not suitable to protect your eyes from the sun. It’s important to make sure your sunglasses are well balanced between being sufficiently protective and, of course, stylish.

Q. Is it true that all frames are mass produced by large corporations?

A. No! Eye Designs is committed to being corporation free. We take the time to find small, independent designers and always put quality first when choosing frames for our customers.

Eye Designs of Westchester

Maintaining healthy skin: Janet Prystowsky, MD, PhD

healthy skin

Q. What are your top tips for a lifetime of healthy skin? 

A. Following these recommendations will help keep your skin healthy over the long-term.

  • Protect your skin: Wear SPF 30-50 or higher every day — sun or clouds.
  • Get a skin exam:  Look for any new or unusual spots, as well as

    any moles that are changing, itching, or bleeding on your skin. Get an annual skin cancer screening with a dermatologist.

  • Wash your face twice daily: Use a mild cleanser and lukewarm

    water to wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed.

  • Moisturize daily: Apply lotion or cream while your skin is still damp from bathing

    to lock in moisture.

Janet Prystowsky, MD, PhD
3010 Westchester Ave, Purchase
110 East 55th St, New York, NY

Treating menopause symptoms with hormone therapy: White Plains Hospital Physician Associates

Dr. Galang

Q. We’ve all heard of the much-dreaded menopause, which nearly every woman will experience at some point. But when can most of us expect it to arrive and are hot flashes always involved?

A. Menopause is defined as not having had a period for one year. The average age has held steady at 51 1/2 years, though the transition known as pre-menopause varies in length and experience among women. I suggest asking your mom or aunts when they went into menopause; knowing family history can shed light on your own experience.

All women do not necessarily experience hot flashes, although they are one of the two most common complaints during menopause. Hot flashes — also called hot flushes — often disrupt sleep. The other common complaint relates to vaginal atrophy, where the walls of your vagina become thinner and dryer due to reduced estrogen. Painful intercourse can be a result of vaginal dryness.

Q. Would you recommend hormone therapy for your menopausal patients?

A. In many cases, traditional hormonal therapy using estrogen and sometimes progestin has proven to relieve symptoms. Your doctor can assess your individual health profile to weigh the risks and benefits of estrogen or combination therapy.

Q: Doctors always advise exercise and other means of losing weight. Does that also play a role in menopause?

A. Obesity complicates matters. Adipose tissue, or fat tissue, has estrogen that prolongs bleeding. In addition, excess fat can interfere with your body’s ability to regulate temperature. Getting regular exercise (even if it’s a daily walk), eating well-rounded meals, and managing your stress can provide overall health benefits as well as postmenopausal relief.

To make an appointment with Dr. Adrienne Galang, call 914.328.8444.

Adrienne Galang, DO, Women’s Health Specialist
White Plains Hospital Physician Associates
170 Maple Ave, 4th fl
White Plains

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