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Health & Wellness: It’s a Spring Thing!

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Does the promise of spring on the horizon inspire thoughts of your own personal rejuvenation and renewal? Are the warming weather and visibly longer days drawing you outdoors for exercise, sports, and fun? Westchester’s health and wellness experts are ready to help you spring into action safely and in good health.

Avoiding injury when resuming outdoor activities: A Better Body by Steve
A smile makeover addresses gaps between teeth and more: Advanced Dentistry of Westchester
Protecting the elderly against COVID-19: ArchCare at Providence Rest Nursing Home
Building core strength: Club Pilates
Achieving your fitness goals: SRG FITNESS
Reducing pain and staying independent longer: Stay on Target Fitness
Springing (healthily) forward: White Plains Hospital

Avoiding injury when resuming outdoor activities: A Better Body by Steve

A Better Body by Steve

Q. I’ve been sedentary all winter and I’m worried about injury while getting back into my warmer-weather activities. What can I do to avoid hurting myself? It’s been so long!

A. The best way to avoid injury when becoming active again is to start off slow and remember to STRETCH. Hamstrings and hip-flexors are a great place to start — they get tight after sitting all winter! Do dynamic stretching as part of your warm-up (before activity) and static stretching after. If you’re not sure what to stretch or how, let us show you with one-on-one virtual stretching sessions. Mention Westchester Magazine and get a free stretching session with any purchase!

Steve Schlenkermann
A Better Body by Steve
Virtual personal training and
personalized nutritional coaching

A smile makeover addresses gaps between teeth and more: Advanced Dentistry

Q. When I see myself on Zoom, I notice that my teeth have become worn and old-looking. How can I bring back my youthful smile?

A. Although wearing a mask in public hides your smile, the Zoom get-togethers show every imperfection. If you are concerned about worn and discolored teeth, gaps, and chipped teeth, a smile makeover not only addresses all of these issues, but can make you look 15 years younger. Using a range of techniques from bleaching to porcelain veneers, we create beautiful and natural-looking smiles. Before any work is done, a photograph is taken and revised to reveal how your new smile will look. Once you love the look of trial veneers, the porcelain veneers are created, and you leave with the smile you’ve always wanted. We also share our approach to esthetics with other dentists through the classes we teach and our articles and chapters on cosmetic dentistry.

Kenneth Magid, DDS 
Advanced Dentistry of Westchester
163 Halstead Ave

Protecting the elderly against COVID-19: ArchCare at Providence Rest Nursing Home

ArchCare at Providence Rest Nursing Home

Q. While evidence has shown that warmer temperatures can lessen the spread of COVID-19, preventive measures are still needed, particularly for older, at-risk adults. How can families and caretakers help protect the elderly against the virus during this time?

A. Even during the warmer weather, COVID-19 still poses a risk to older adults. The data has shown the vaccine is both safe and effective in preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death. Therefore, it is recommended that older adults get fully vaccinated, and for those who are eligible, the added booster shot is also critical. Not only is vaccination paramount in protecting oneself, but it also helps against the spread of infection to others. When discussing the benefits and risks of vaccination with loved ones who might still have lingering questions or are vaccine-hesitant, it’s important to put things into perspective. While some people may experience swelling, pain, redness, or other common side effects at the injection site — which are usually short-lived symptoms — it may help to educate people about the risks of COVID-19. Throughout the pandemic, the elderly have continued to bear the brunt of sickness and death from the virus. Taken into context, the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks. When we act proactively, we can help slow the spread and protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our surrounding community.

ArchCare at Providence Rest Nursing Home
3304 Waterbury Ave
Bronx, NY

Building core strength: Club Pilates

Club Pilates

Q. What are the best exercises to build core strength?

A. Almost all exercises performed on the Reformer target the core muscles in some way or another, but these are our personal favorites. Seen in almost every Pilates class, the Hundred is a challenging core exercise that can be modified for beginners. We love the Roll Up for teaching you how to properly engage your core and increase spinal flexibility. Pike-to-Plank on the Reformer is another excellent way to work those deep core muscles. Finally, our most challenging favorite core exercise is the Teaser. If you’re new to the Reformer, try out a free 30-minute beginner intro class at any of our locations below.

Club Pilates Ardsley

Club Pilates Mount Kisco

Club Pilates Quaker Ridge

Club Pilates Port Chester

Club Pilates Scarsdale

Achieving your fitness goals: SRG FITNESS


Q. What exactly is SRG FITNESS and how can it help you achieve your fitness goals?

A. SRG FITNESS is a health and wellness center on Central Avenue in Yonkers. At SRG FITNESS, Sophia Rose Gigante offers personal training, group training, health coaching, nutrition counseling, and virtual training. Training programs consist of strength training, endurance training, boxing, flexibility, and mobility training, depending on the client’s personal needs. SRG FITNESS welcomes all ages, genders, and fitness levels, offering training programs for those with special needs, such as Autism, Multiple Sclerosis, and stroke victims to name a few. Contact Sophia Rose Gigante for more information.

SRG Fitness LLC
1955 Central Park Ave

Reducing pain and staying independent longer: Stay on Target Fitness

Stay on Target Fitness

Q. Does knee or low back pain make climbing stairs hurtful?

A. The trick to doing stairs and not having pain, is to incorporate most of your body. In addition to the knees and thighs, you want to incorporate your core, hamstrings (opposite your thigh), calves, ankles, and glutes (buttocks). It’s important to incorporate good core stability and strength to keep your balance and help you lift your leg high enough to get up to the next step. On the standing leg, the strength and stability of ankle and calf literally provide a solid leg to stand on. The glutes and hamstring help propel your body up the stairs and take the stress off your knees. For more information including exercises check out my blog:

Rhyrus Falcone, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach
Stay On Target Fitness
West Harrison
Facebook: @StayOnTargetFitness 
Instagram: @stay_on_target_fitness

Springing (healthily) forward: White Plains Hospital

White Plains Hospital

Q. How do I safely re-start my exercise routine?

A. Many people were sidelined from the gym or sports during COVID-19, and with the weather now improving, it’s a great time to think about getting back on track with physical activity. But proceed with caution — many athletes suffer more injuries in the preseason than they do during competition as they try to get back into game shape. Make strengthening exercises a part of your preseason program. It’s important to build up slowly to allow your body’s structures to reacclimate to the stress, especially those parts of the body at higher risk, such as the knee and ankle. Steven M. Andelman, Orthopedic Surgeon, White Plains Hospital Physician Associates. To make an appointment, please call 914.849.7075.

Q. What can I do to reduce my allergies in spring?

A. Seasonal allergies affect more than 50 million people in the United States. Treatment options can range from taking drugstore antihistamine medications to nasal steroid and antihistamine sprays to immunotherapy, in which patients are injected with increasing doses of allergens until their body stops reacting to them. To keep allergens out of your house, keep your windows and doors closed, and clean your house thoroughly once a week. Encase pillows, mattresses, and box springs in dust-mite-proof covers, and wash your sheets and pillowcases at least once a week. And keep an eye on the pollen count. Dr. Ameet R. Kamat, Otolaryngologist and Rhinologist, White Plains Hospital Physician Associates. To make an appointment, please call 914.849.3755.

Q. It seems like I never recover from Daylight Savings Time. What can I do?

A. Even though Daylight Savings started on March 13 this year, a lot of people are still having this problem. Try following the same sleep schedule, even on weekends, which allows the body to find its rhythm. Pre-bedtime rituals can also be helpful, like darkening the environment for an hour or two before going to bed, or reading, or bathing before bedtime. Exercising during the day — though not too close to bedtime — can also be helpful. Dr. Fulvia Milite, Sleep Specialist, White Plains Hospital. To make an appointment, please call 914.849.7900.

White Plains Hospital
41 E Post Rd
White Plains

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