Featuring all-natural, organic hair: Hair Saloon Café

Hair Saloon

Q. Does your salon feature hair that’s produced organically with no plastic? And, if so, what are the benefits? 

A. Danyelli Laurette is a new line of hair created by Danielle Lauren Settembre, owner of Hair Saloon & Café in Scarsdale and founded on the mission of taking good care of YOU. Our team of women have forged the highest quality, all-natural ingredients to produce a line of organic hair and body care from a family-owned farm in upstate New York. Forget a lab, we like to use our creative abilities, and our earth’s natural plant-based ingredients picked right from a garden. We are paving the way for the hair and body industry for all working women that you can do both.

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Danielle Lauren Settembre, Owner
Hair Saloon & Café
862 Scarsdale Ave

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