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Health & Wellness: It’s a Spring Thing!

Does the warming weather, longer days, and the imminent arrival of spring inspire thoughts of your own personal rejuvenation? Spring into action safely and in good health with the help of Westchester’s health and wellness experts.

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Addressing gaps between teeth and more with smile makeover: Advanced Dentistry of Westchester  

Q. When I see myself on Zoom, I notice that my teeth have become worn and old-looking. How can I bring back my youthful smile?

A. Zoom get-togethers can make you feel self-conscious about every imperfection. If you are concerned about worn and discolored teeth, gaps, and chipped teeth, a smile makeover not only addresses all of these issues, but can make you look 15 years younger. Using a range of techniques from bleaching to porcelain veneers, we create beautiful and natural-looking smiles. Before any work is done, a photograph is taken and revised to reveal how your new smile will look. Once you love the look of trial veneers, the porcelain veneers are created, and you leave with the smile you’ve always wanted. We also share our approach to esthetics with other dentists through the classes we teach and our articles and chapters on cosmetic dentistry. 

Kenneth Magid, DDS
Advanced Dentistry of Westchester
163 Halstead Ave

Following a transformative path to weight loss: Can’t Lose Diet 

Q. Can you provide any advice for successfully losing weight that lasts?

A. The journey to lasting weight loss is often fraught with false starts and frustrations. But for those who have discovered the Can’t Lose Diet, it’s a path illuminated with hope and real results. Our top tips for spring:

  • It’s essential to shift from self-criticism to self-care, recognizing your efforts and accomplishments. 
  • Leave behind the ‘Should-have, Would-have, Could-haves. Focus on new beginnings, embracing hope, and new possibilities. Weight loss is not just a physical journey; it’s a mental one, filled with self-discovery and growth. 
  • Weight loss is as much about loving yourself as it is about shedding pounds. Stay positive, find a supportive partner (even if it’s your own alter ego), and embrace the journey with joy and self-love. 

Can’t Lose Diet is dedicated to supporting and empowering you on your journey to better health and self-love. Our guidance makes your journey an inspiring tale of self-discovery and joy! 

Can’t Lose Diet
600 Mamaroneck Ave, 4th fl

Using tattoos to mask medical scars: Damm Nice Tattoo and Body Art 

Q. I’ve heard that while tattoos can be a unique artistic expression, they also can be used to mask medical scars. Is that possible?

A. The answer is “Yes.” Says Damien Ramirez, “tattoos can also provide a healing component that often picks up where medical arts leave off”. With over 25 years of professional practice, Ramirez, artist and owner of Damm Nice Tattoo and Body Art in Scarsdale, offers custom tattoo art yet specializes in Scar Masking Tattoos that convert scars and skin anomalies into empowering and successful treatments for his clients. “No two people are alike. Naturally, their tattoo needs should be different as well,” he explains. “When it comes to scar tattoo applications, my approach is natural — to use the scar as a foundation and enhancement for the overall design.” If you or someone you know is in the market for a permanent and positive tattoo impression, Damm Nice Tattoo and Body Art has you covered! 

Damien Ramirez, Artist & Owner
Damm Nice Tattoo and Body Art
736 Central Park Ave

Jumpstarting weight loss: The Khader Center

Q. What are several easy weight loss suggestions?

A. There are several steps you can take that are effective:

  • Drink 2 to 3 cups of organic green tea daily to help burn fat.
  • Always exercise prior to eating to help burn fat; exercise daily.
  • Consider doing mudpacks for weight loss. Mudpacks are unique to the Khader Center and help remove blockages and toxins from your body, which facilitates weight loss. Find more information on
  • Eat dinner before 7:00 pm to help with easier food digestion before bedtime.
  • Limit drinking water or anything else with meals. Too much water dilutes our hydrochloric acid and slows down our digestion.
  • Limit alcohol to one glass per week or avoid alcohol completely.

Dina Khader, MS, RD, CDN, MIfHI
The Khader Center
4 Smith Ave
Mount Kisco

Calmly preparing your body for warmer weather: Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club 

Q. Is there a way to prepare your body for warmer weather that’s also relaxing?

A. Yes, and the Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club offers the perfect solution. Our sandy beach features 300 feet of paradise with waves gently lapping the shoreline, making relaxation and family fun mere moments away from your home. Our private beach cabanas are fully renovated with luxurious finishes, setting a new standard for cabana life. The newly renovated pool area includes upgraded private cabanas finished with luxurious stone and mahogany. Our attentive staff will satisfy your every wish. With a membership in the Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club, after a refreshing and invigorating swim at our beach or pool, treat yourself by leisurely dining poolside at our café overlooking the harbor.

Mamaroneck Beach & Yacht Club
555 S Barry Ave

Preparing for a healthy spring: Mount Sinai Orthopedics 

Q. Exercise vs. diet — which is more important?

A. If your goal is weight loss, then eating less calories will definitely give you the quickest results. It’s ideal to add on some exercise (even a little!), so that you can also speed up your metabolism and trigger some hormones that assist in weight loss.

Q. Cardio vs. resistance training — which is better?

A. It’s best to have a combination of both types of exercise. As you get older, the more strength training and body weight exercises you do becomes more important as this can aide in bone health, improve balance, help with arthritis, prevent injuries, and more. Walking is ok as a form of exercise (and it’s great to be outside!), but work on toning and building muscle to see the most benefit from your workouts.

Q. What are the best exercises to do at home without any equipment?

A. Body weight exercises! This includes planks (always squeeze your glutes), push-ups (better to do two real ones than 10 modified ones), wall sits with a ball between your legs, and sitting/standing slowly on a chair without using your hands. On that last exercise, always stand up using both legs but try to sit slowly (the slower you sit, the harder the muscles work) without making a “plop” sound using two legs first and then progress to using one leg once you are comfortable.

Melissa Leber, MD
Mount Sinai Orthopedics
341 Central Park Ave
Scarsdale, NY

Finding relief when depression treatments don’t work: NY Ketamine Infusions

Q. Why Is IV Ketamine the best delivery method for depression treatment?

A. Several alternative forms of ketamine administration, such as oral lozenges, nasal sprays, and intramuscular injections, are now offered by numerous While options are important, especially in Mental Health. IV Ketamine remains the standard and ideal choice of Ketamine treatment. Some of these different ketamine treatments may seem attractive at first. However, none of these administrations have a proven track record of success, and only intravenous (IV) ketamine has been extensively studied over the past 30 years. At NYKI, our patients only receive IV ketamine treatments, from the most experienced medical professionals in the field. This combination of efficacy in IV Ketamine and our well-trained and compassionate staff, has led to thousands of patients experiencing remarkable success and relief using only the safest, time-tested protocols. To learn more, please contact our Patient Care Team to schedule a free consultation.

NY Ketamine Infusions
Robert Glatter, MD
222 Westchester Ave, Suite 306
West Harrison

Following daily tips to improve oral health: ProHEALTH Dental 

Q. What are some everyday habits that can improve oral health?

A. Maintaining good dental health is essential for a bright smile as well as overall health and wellness. These key tips will help keep your teeth and gums in top shape:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily to remove plaque and prevent cavities and gum disease. 
  • Opt for a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and dairy products. Limit sugary snacks and drinks, which can contribute to tooth decay. 
  • Drink plenty of water daily to help wash away food particles and bacteria that can lead to dental issues. 
  • Have regular dental professional cleanings and examinations to catch potential problems early and maintain optimal oral health. 

Following these simple yet crucial tips will help support your overall health and wellness while sporting a beautiful smile. ProHEALTH Dental and Northwell Health recently announced a strategic agreement to provide oral health services across Westchester, Long Island, and New York City, underscoring the integral link between oral health and overall well-being. 

ProHEALTH Dental
Daniel Weinstein, DDS, Chief Dental Officer
Mount Kisco – Kids Are Great Dental
241 Lexington Ave

Mount Kisco
331 Downing Dr
Yorktown Heights

Springing (healthily) forward: White Plains Hospital 

Q. Whenever I try to eat healthy and start working out to lose weight and improve my health, I find myself going back to my old habits after a few weeks. How can I make changes to my routine that stick?

A. Consistency in adhering to a routine is the key to becoming — and staying — healthy. For example, exercising for just 10 minutes every day can often be more beneficial than exercising for one hour once or twice a week. Be kind to yourself and set realistic, attainable goals instead of going on aggressive crash diets or doing occasional, high-intensity exercises. It may take longer to see or feel the difference, but those efforts will be much longer lasting.

Dr. Heidi (Huan) Wang is a bariatric surgeon at White Plains Hospital. To make an appointment, call 914.948.1000.

Q. Between the office and the gym, I use earbuds for most of the day. Is my hearing at risk?

A. It is important to understand that hearing damage from noise is a function of both the loudness and the duration. The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, which determines when workplaces need to provide hearing protection to prevent noise-induced hearing loss, will say you need protection if you’re exposed to 85-90 decibels for eight hours at a time. Most earbuds go up to about 100 decibels. For my patients who listen to music with earbuds for an extended period, I generally recommend keeping the volume at no more than 75% of the maximum, for no more than 30-45 minutes at a time, to be safe.

Dr. Brian Nicholas is Director of Hearing & Balance at White Plains Hospital. To make an appointment, call 914.849.3755. 

Q. What are a few ways that I can regulate my sleep cycle naturally?

A. Restful sleep is the foundation for many other aspects of physical and emotional health. To improve your sleep routine, start by going to sleep at the same time each night. Also, low-intensity physical activity such as a walk outside can help regulate your sleep cycle, even if it’s just a few minutes per day. Finally, exposure to some sunlight during the day helps your pineal gland regulate your circadian rhythm so you can sleep at night and keep your energy up during the day!

Dr. Julia Krim is a family medicine physician at White Plains Hospital Physician Associates (WPHPA) in Pleasantville. To make an appointment, call 914.849.4100. 

White Plains Hospital
41 E Post Rd
White Plains

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