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Health & Wellness: Prepare Now for a Healthy, Happy Summer!

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Are you looking forward to the summer sun? Don’t let the arrival of the summer season catch you by surprise. Westchester’s health and wellness experts are ready to help you get summer ready in time to enjoy every moment.

Staying fit while on vacation: A Better Body by Steve

Health & Wellness

Q. How do I keep up my exercise routine while on vacation?

A. You don’t! While you SHOULD exercise on vacation, you should NOT stick to your routine. A change of venue is a great time to change your approach — adapt your exercise to your trip. Planning a day of hiking? Skip your morning walk and do resistance training in your room. Leaving early for a long trip? Run up and down all the hotel stairs five times. Better yet, have a virtual personal trainer you can take with you! Our pocket workouts are innovative, effective, and take minimal time away from enjoying your vacation. Contact us today for more ways to make your summer workouts work for you and your lifestyle.

Steve Schlenkermann
A Better Body by Steve
Virtual personal training and
personalized nutritional coaching

Refreshing your mind and body: The Abbey Inn & Spa

Q. What do you recommend for recharging my body and mind?

A. Refreshing your body and mind is essential to your well-being. The Abbey Inn Spa provides a restful retreat in the heart of the Hudson Valley for refreshing your body and reconnecting with nature. Our 2,500-square-foot hotel spa offers sanctuary from the non-stop energy of the outside world with four tranquil treatment rooms, his and hers saunas, a relaxation room, and a wide array of wellness-enhancing options. Within our peaceful sanctuary you’ll find a sacred space to create positive change for both body and mind. Utilizing the healing properties of nature with a collection of rejuvenating treatments will leave you with restored balance, renewed energy, and natural radiance. And, since summer is a time to have a little fun, why not try out a new skincare treat that’s perfect for the season? Call us at 914.736.3261 to find out more about our fruity spring-summer spa menu!

The Abbey Inn & Spa
900 Fort Hill Rd

Addressing issues common to aging: ArchCare at Providence Rest

What is shingles and who is most at risk for the infection?

A. Shingles is a commonly occurring viral infectious disease. When an individual gets infected with Chickenpox, the ‘Varicella’ virus that causes it, remains dormant in the nerve cells of the body. It can eventually reactivate during periods of low immunity and cause painful skin rashes. Having Chickenpox at a younger age does not make someone more or less likely to get Shingles later in life. Older adults are at greater risk for this disease, which could present as a widespread rash throughout the body. Some people with Shingles also experience a condition known as postherpetic neuralgia, which impacts the nervous system and causes an intense pain that can linger for several months. Encouraging your loved ones to get the vaccine is important as it’s a preventive measure that is 90% effective against Shingles. All healthy adults 50 years and older should reach out to their providers to schedule an appointment for their vaccine.

Q. I am having my hip replaced this summer and will need to go for post-surgery rehab. What do I need to consider when researching a rehabilitation facility?

A. It’s important to choose a facility that offers a combination of outstanding medical and physical care. Archcare at Providence Rest, operated by ArchCare, the healthcare system of the Archdiocese of New York, located on Waterbury Avenue in the Bronx is staffed by highly trained and dedicated licensed nurses and therapists who work with patients one-on-one using an array of treatments, including gait training and balance facilitation. This team-based approached integrates the support of family members and is designed to help patients achieve their recovery goals and return home faster and with greater comfort and safety. Call Care Navigation at 855.951.CARE to learn how this award-winning, certified facility may help you or a family member.

Q. My aging mother has declined to the point that she needs more help than she can get at home. What are my options?

A. When searching for long-term, out-of-home care for a loved one, look for a CMS five-star rated nursing home that provides total care. The staff at Providence Rest are professionals committed to enhancing the lives of the elderly and others who require round-the-clock care in a traditional nursing home setting. Care plans are tailored to residents’ individual medical and social needs and managed by interdisciplinary teams of physicians; nurses; social workers; physical, occupational and speech therapists; and other professionals, who meet regularly with residents and those who care about them to review their quality-of-life goals, assess progress, and adjust the plan as needed. Leaving the comfort and security of home and family can be traumatic, and the staff at Providence Rest works to ensure residents are actively engaged in activities and outings that foster social interaction and a sense of community

ArchCare at Providence Rest
3304 Waterbury Ave
Bronx, NY

Reaching a healthy weight and maintaining it: Briones Medical Weight Loss Center

Q. What is medical weight loss?

A. Medical weight loss is a physician-supervised weight loss program. Dr. Maria Briones is a weight loss specialist and has helped many people reach their goal weight with her medical weight loss plan. Many people struggle to lose weight on their own following a traditional diet and exercise plan. That’s because no single diet or exercise program works for all people. With medical weight loss, Dr. Briones creates a personalized weight loss plan that’s safe, effective, and fast while helping you to maintain a healthy weight for years to come.

Maria Briones, MD
Briones Medical Weight Loss Center
344 Main St, Suite 103
Mount Kisco
Facebook: @BrionesWeightLossCenter

Preparing now for glowing skin through summer: JECT

Q. I want my skin to look glowy and beach ready for summer. What treatments can I do now to prepare?

A. Before the summer, we recommend a microneedling series to reduce pore appearance, skin laxity, wrinkles, scarring, and dullness. Using the only FDA-cleared microneedling device, tiny needles penetrate the skin to stimulate the body’s natural healing process and trigger collagen production. With the addition of platelet rich plasma (you may have heard of the vampire facial!), your own growth factors are infused back into the skin to intensify results and expedite healing. The result is a total skin rejuvenation that will leave you with improved tone and texture. Once you’ve deeply restored the skin, Aquagold is our favorite treatment before a special event or beach weekend. Wrinkle reducers (aka Botox), hyaluronic acid filler, and vitamin C are infused into the skin with 24k gold needles.The result is reduced pore appearance and fine lines, improved redness and hyperpigmentation, and a beautiful glow. The best part? Results are immediate and the treatment won’t sensitize you to the sun.

Q. I want to try Botox and fillers, but I’m afraid I’ll look fake. Is it possible to avoid that overdone look?

A. Yes, it’s absolutely possible! We have a modern and natural aesthetic at Ject—we use a minimal, precise amount of product to achieve the results you want, and you’ll never leave frozen or overfilled. We offer a personalized full-face consultation to all Ject patients and take your unique facial balance and anatomy into consideration for the most natural results.

Q. When I look in the mirror, I notice sunspots and hyperpigmentation from sun damage. Is it too late to reverse this?

A. No, it’s never too late to reverse signs of sun damage! We have several treatments, notably IPL (intense pulse light) and specialized peels that target melasma, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Most of these treatments work best in a series spaced about one month apart. To maintain your results, our customized Brightening Kit and a mineral-based SPF will help prevent these conditions from returning in the future.

17 Rye Ridge Plaza
Rye Brook

Jumpstarting weight loss: Dina Khader Nutrition

Q. What are several easy weight loss suggestions?

There are several steps you can take that are easy and effective:

  • Drink 2 to 3 cups of organic green tea daily to help burn fat.
  • Always exercise prior to eating to help burn fat; exercise daily.
  • Consider doing mudpacks for weight loss. Mudpacks are unique to the Khader

    Center and help remove blockages and toxins from your body, which facilitates weight loss. Find more information on

  • Eat dinner before 7:00 pm to help with easier food digestion before bedtime.
  • Limit drinking water or anything else with meals. Too much water dilutes our

    hydrochloric acid and slows down our digestion.

  • Limit alcohol to one glass per week.

Dina Khader, MS, RD, CDN, MIfHI
Dina Khader Nutrition
4 Smith Ave
Mount Kisco

Increasing fertility with acupuncture: NY Acupuncture Wellness

Q. How does acupuncture help with fertility?

A. One in eight couples have difficulty conceiving and maintaining pregnancy. When your body falls off track, acupuncture gives it a nudge to get back onto its correct course. Acupuncture stimulates the body’s natural ability to properly balance the reproductive system. Recent studies found that consistent treatments increase conception rates by 26%. We take an integrative medicine approach to acupuncture. This means, we leave the “woo-woo” out of the clinic. We have extensive experience and advanced certificates in fertility and women’s health. Our clinic also uses exhaustive research and clinical studies to guide our treatment plans.

Nana Song, DACM
NY Acupuncture Wellness
280 N Central Ave, Suite 310

Maintaining healthy skin: Janet Prystowsky, MD, PhD

Janet Prystowsky, MD, PhD

Q. What are your top tips for a lifetime of healthy skin? 

 A. Following these recommendations will help keep your skin healthy over the long-term.

  • Protect your skin: Wear SPF 30-50 or higher every day — sun or clouds.
  • Get a skin exam:  Look for any new or unusual spots, as well as

    any moles that are changing, itching, or bleeding on your skin. Get an annual skin cancer screening with a dermatologist.

  • Wash your face twice daily: Use a mild cleanser and lukewarm

    water to wash your face in the morning and before you go to bed.

  • Moisturize daily: Apply lotion or cream while your skin is still damp from bathing

    to lock in moisture.

Janet Prystowsky, MD, PhD
3010 Westchester Ave, Purchase
110 East 55th St, New York, NY

Summer footcare made easy: Scarsdale Medical Group

Michelle Castiello, DPM, Scarsdale Medical Group

Q. I spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer. How do I make sure my feet are protected?

A. It’s important to step into summer with some strategies to keep your feet healthy and problem-free. Follow these simple podiatrist-approved tips, and your feet will thank you!

Limit walking barefoot. Venturing out with feet al fresco exposes you to sunburn, plantar warts, athlete’s foot, and other infections, not to mention injury. Going barefoot is especially dangerous for those with diabetes, as nerve damage can make it difficult to detect an injury.

Wear shoes or flip-flops around the pool, to the beach, in the locker room and in your hotel room to prevent injuries and limit the likelihood of contracting any infections. Rinse your feet with clean water after pool or beach activities to prevent bacterial infections.

Wear the right socks. Did you know that your feet have 250,000 different sweat glands? Acrylic and synthetic blend socks work best to wick away perspiration that can lead to fungal infections. If you take part in summer activities that cause your shoes and socks to get wet, they should be dried out completely before your next wearing to prevent bacteria or fungus from growing.

Finally, remember to apply sunscreen all over your feet and ankles – an often-overlooked area! Don’t forget to reapply after you’ve been in the water. Up to 15% of melanomas, the most serious type of skin cancer, develop on the feet.

If you are concerned about conditions of the feet and toenails, an injury or are experiencing foot pain, making an appointment with a podiatrist is a great first step.

Michelle Castiello, DPM, Podiatrist
Scarsdale Medical Group
600 Mamaroneck Ave, Suite 102

Restoring and reviving your smile: Scarsdale Oral Surgery

Q. I’m considering getting implants to improve my smile. How do you determine the best position for placing implants?

A. Determining the best position for a dental implant is driven by the ideal placement of the tooth. The addition of an intraoral scanner, coupled with our low-radiation cone beam CT scan, have allowed us to diagnose and plan our implants better than has been possible in the past. We can create computer-generated guides in our office on one of our 3D dental printers to help ensure the implants are placed in the areas we planned with minimal surgery and maximum accuracy.

Evan Chafitz, DMD
Scarsdale Oral Surgery
1075 Central Park Ave, Suite 207

Getting your glow on for summer: Skin and Laser Lounge

Q. Are there any techniques to help give my skin that summer glow?

A. Look your best for summer with our Diamond Glow Treatment. This treatment is known for its patented 3-in-1 system that gently exfoliates away rough, dry skin with a diamond tip, suctions oil and dirt from inside your pores, and deeply infuses serums. This simple, yet highly effective skin lace treatment helps fight the signs of aging with minimal to no downtime. It is a one-of-a-kind face and body treatment that not only feels amazing, but leaves your skin deeply clean, hydrated, and glowing, even after just one treatment. It can be combined with other treatments, such as our micro-needling treatment that provides a flawless filtered look by stimulating collagen growth, with minimal downtime. Helps improve fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and textural issues. Take advantage of our special: buy three, get one free!

Dominique Fumarelli, Owner
Skin and Laser Lounge
300 Main St

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